Karen Walker releases Runaway Girl with a Pearl

Karen Walker Girl with a pearl

Karen Walker’s Runaway Girl celebrates her sweet sixteenth with pearls. Images supplied.

Karen Walker‘s beloved Runaway Girl icon is celebrating her sweet sixteenth birthday and the adventurous little character is doing so with beautiful pink pearls. The Runaway Girl first appeared in Karen Walker’s jewellery collections back in 2001 and since then has become an instantly recognisable symbol of the brand around the globe. Many young women (including FashioNZ’s own team) have been gifted the Runaway Girl before setting off on their adventures overseas and she makes a perfect coming-of-age gift as well.

The new Girl with a Pearl Runaway Girl has a pink pearl hanging from her stick instead of her usual little bundle and the pearl is not just a gift to herself but marks her maturity. Pearls have traditionally been gifted as a young woman matures, especially pearl necklaces and earrings, but are not as commonly used in this way anymore. “There’s an entire generation right now who’ve not experienced pearls as a modern piece in their wardrobe and we wanted to bring the pearl into their world in a way that feels fresh and interesting,” says designer Karen Walker.

The featured piece of this collection is of course the Runaway Girl necklace but there are also two rings and two pairs of earrings in gold and silver that feature tiny pink pearls and are the perfect accompaniment to the necklace. The Girl with a Pearl Runaway Girl is strictly a limited edition piece and is only available for Summer 2017/18 at Karen Walker stores, stockists and online.

Karen Walker Runaway Girl with a pearl

Karen Walker Runaway Girl with a pearl

Images supplied.

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