Karen Walker releases Outland Denim collaboration

Karen Walker x Outland Denim collaboration

The Outland Denim x Karen Walker colllaboration is out today. Images supplied.

Karen Walker has collaborated on a new capsule collaboration that’s out today with one of ethical fashion’s foremost brands, Outland Denim. The Outland Denim x Karen Walker collection features six limited-edition pieces including jeans, jackets, a skirt and a t-shirt offering new takes on beloved Karen Walker styles and details. Each brand represents the kind of thoughtful, sustainable fashion that consumers are looking for with Outland Denim also offering an inspired business model that changes lives.

“At the core of this collaboration is our brands’ and our communities’ shared ethos of consuming less, less often, and choosing better quality,” says Karen. “Karen Walker and Outland are both committed to creating well-designed and well-crafted pieces that are enjoyed and worn for many decades and the pieces in this capsule are testament to that.”

“When exploring the possibility of producing a co-designed capsule, Karen Walker was an obvious choice,” says Outland Denim CEO and founder, James Bartle. “We’ve been long-time fans of not only the label’s design lens but also their ongoing commitment to prioritising transparency and ethical practices over profits.”

Outland Denim launched back in 2011 with a mission to offer formerly enslaved or exploited young women training and employment pathways. Outland’s Cambodia-based production house now has over 80 employees and has evolved to equip women in positions of varying vulnerability, including those leaving exploitative situations within garment factories, those with physical disabilities and those who have been trafficked for labour. Each employee is paid a living wage and Outland Denim have educational and personal advancement initiatives to provide in-house training and career progression to better their futures.

“Unlike a standard garment factory, our seamstresses are trained in every element of the jean-making process,” adds James. “Over a period of approximately two years, our trainee staff enrols in a program of cross-training and upskilling to gain a deep knowledge in the areas of cutting, finishing and sewing. With demonstrated proficiency, our seamstresses are given the opportunity to progress their careers to managerial roles.”

Karen Walker adds how important the project is to her, “We’re honoured to partner with Outland and support them in creating enduring social change for women in vulnerable positions,” says Karen.

“This collection represents a huge milestone for us, to work alongside someone so highly regarded in our industry,” says James. “The fact that our team has tailored this collection is testimony to their dedication to their craft, and we are incredibly proud of this achievement.”

The Outland Denim x Karen Walker collection is crafted using sustainably-produced premium organic cotton and is available from today in Karen Walker stores, on karenwalker.com, outlanddenim.com and theiconic.com.au.

Karen Walker x Outland Denim collaboration

Karen Walker x Outland Denim collaboration

Images supplied.

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