Karen Walker is making Mischief

Karen Walker Mischief collection

Eyewear from Karen Walker’s new Mischief collection. Images supplied.

Karen Walker has unleashed her naughty side with a new eyewear collection called Mischief which channels the designer’s playful inner child. Walker has gone for vibrant crayon tones of tangerine and teal that set the tone for her stunning collection which is a convivial update to her coveted range of eyewear.

The new frames see Walker indulge her love of oversized shapes and quirky styles, with bold lines and coloured lenses capturing the imagination. The rimless triangle shapes with the designer’s signature arrow details are a definite highlight as are the deconstructed frame styles which feel fresh and irreverent.

Walker has introduced six new shapes for this collection which range from impossibly chic to oh so witty and there is a lot here to delight her many eyewear fans. The colourful new campaign which sees model’s faces and the background playfully scrawled with marker pens and paints adds to the youthful sense of fun that this collection evokes.

Karen Walker’s Mischief eyewear is available at selected stores and online now.

Karen Walker Mischief collection

Karen Walker Mischief collection

Images supplied.

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