Karen Walker invites you to join her Society

Karen Walker Jewellery Society collection

Jewellery from Karen Walker’s Society collection. Images supplied.

Karen Walker‘s latest jewellery collection ‘Society’ is out today and it draws inspiration from the exclusive world of private member’s clubs. Karen has long had a fascination with the ever so refined environments that promote secrecy and are reserved for a chosen few, all the while feeling like an outsider herself in those kind of places.

Over the years the designer has created her own arcane club of sorts, a secret clique of bright young things, those in the know of all things KW. The Runaway Girl symbols and arrow motifs unite an eclectic group of intelligent, quirky people who appreciate Karen’s unique eye for design. Now, she’s made a homage to the secret handshake and classic symbols of the member club, utilising a new signet ring, bracelet and necklace to invite more of those in the know further into the fold. Each piece can also be engraved with an arrow-led initial to personalise the jewellery or kept clean and anonymous.

Adding to the magnetic energy of this collection is the Electric Heart Hoop and Electric Heart Drop Earrings which make a powerful statement from the inner circle. While the smaller rings and necklaces in sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold have a more subtle feel made for secret handshakes. Who wouldn’t want to join Karen Walker’s club when the member’s adornments are this winsome?

Karen Walker’s Society collection is available now in all Karen Walker stores, online and in select boutiques, department stores and jewellers.

Karen Walker Jewellery Society collection

Karen Walker Jewellery Society collection

Images supplied.

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