Karen Walker delivers Babou’s Revenge

Looks from Karen Walker’s Autumn 2017 collection “Babou’s Revenge”.

Karen Walker’s latest collection for Autumn 2017 was released today and it’s a quirky range with a unique muse, Babou, Salvador Dali’s pet ocelot. Called “Babou’s Revenge” the inspiration for the collection begins with ‘an exotic feline wrenched against its will from the wilds of South America, forced into studded collar and leash to be paraded as a spectacle at its surrealist master’s side while he entertains the demi-monde of Manhattan.’ Sounds intriguing right? Well, the actual collection imagines what happens when that wild cat exacts its revenge and the results certainly have teeth.

The folksy South American influences come through in peasant blouses and dresses with sweet pintucks as well as Latina-inspired ruffles and delicate embroidery. That charming naïveté is contrasted with 60s style tunics, biker jackets and leopard print which have a more rock’n’roll feel and NYC sophistication. Then there’s the utilitarian approach that blends in practical trench coats (although with stunning voluminous sleeves) and raw-edged denim. Mix in sheer dresses with floating skirts and a wildcat motif and you have a range that is full of attitude yet appealing and surreal.

Karen Walker’s “Babou’s Revenge” is available worldwide in February 2017.

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