Karen Murrell’s Virtual Powder Room returns with a hi-tech upgrade

Karen Murrell Virtual Powder Room

Karen Murrell’s Virtual Powder Room has returned. Image supplied.

With online shopping at an all-time high, who said you can’t have that same experience from the comfort of your own home with trying on makeup? New Zealand natural lipstick brand Karen Murrell believes that makeup should be able to be more accessible to all so she launched Karen Murrell’s Virtual Powder Room back in 2019 and after a successful run, has decided to bring it back this year, with a few incredible tech upgrades.

The relaunch includes a new interactive video option, offering customers an extremely powerful beauty shopping tool and digital experience. From the comfort of your home, beauty aficionados can now explore, try and select their ideal lipstick shades with just a few simple clicks. Karen Murrell’s Virtual Powder Room offers customers the opportunity to virtually try on and find their perfect shade before they make their purchase. Now with real-time video capability, customers can explore the full collection of beautiful natural lipsticks, virtually ‘trying out’ and testing the varying colours at a time that best works for them.

With many hours spent perfecting the virtual colour palette to match that of Karen’s gorgeous collection of lip shades, the online tool offers near-exact lip colour over your live video or preloaded face image, aiding in your shopping experience and lipstick selections.

All of Karen Murrells’ lipsticks are 100% natural and made from ingredients such as Candelilla, Carnuba Wax, Avocado and Evening Primrose Oil to name a few. They are all sustainably sourced and ethically produced – which is the perfect beauty trifecta, in our opinion.

To try on some of Karen Murrels’ beautiful shades of lippy, you can visit the Virtual Powder Room which is online now.

Karen Murrell Virtual Powder Room

Images supplied.

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