Kagi's Hope Daisy Capsule Collection

Kagi's new Hope Daisy capsule collection.


Kagi were delighted with the success of last year's Hope Acorns collection and are proud to launch their new Hope Daisy range in association with the Child Cancer Foundation today. Inspired by the innocence and purity of daisies, the capsule collection includes a beautiful daisy pendant ($149), a dual-sided and reversible aquamarine charm ($119) and a pair of daisy earrings ($89).


For the new collection Kagi have worked with Charly and her mother Marika, who are the campaign models. Charly was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) when she was just 23 months old and had to undergo numerous treatments and chemotherapy. “Charly had two and a half years of chemotherapy and lost her hair twice during that time – she’s just started school and now wants to grow her hair long! While we still have monthly blood tests, Charly finished her chemotherapy treatment last October, which was a wonderful day. As a family, we are very grateful to the support we receive from the Child Cancer Foundation – just knowing that there is someone to talk to is so reassuring and Charly loves her visits to the Foundation’s Family Place,” says Marika.


From the sale of each charm or pair of earrings $5 will be donated to the Child Cancer Foundation and $10 will be donated from the sale of each pendant. The campaign suggests that these new pieces would make lovely Valentines present as they're flowers that never fade and also help support those in need which is a heart-warming idea. 


Charly and Marika.


Images from Kagi

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