Just in – Lonely Hearts' FW installation!

Lonely Hearts staged the first official presentation of the ANZFW schedule this evening with their film “What is Your Damage” – 'an interdisciplinary collaboration between the highly rated label and Auckland artist Tim Van Dammen – first stills below!

View the Lonely Hearts installation here.

Already recognised as a talented multimedia artist, Tim Van Dammen is also fast gaining distinction as an in-demand filmmaker; in the past year alone creating acclaimed music videos for artists such as Sola Rosa, The Checks and Smashproof.

For 'What is Your Damage', Van Dammen and Lonely Hearts brought together their ideas in a “highly atmospheric film that explores movement in static space and the innocence of worship.” What that boils down to are great-looking garments on exquisite girls, exquisitely lit and filmed against a lush green/harbour background. Now YOU may not wear platform sandals and socks for a walk in the grass but once you've seen the film you are bound to want to if only for a moment – anything to look like Lonely Hearts' dusky/dewy goddesses.

Top Australian stylist Imogene Barron, former fashion director at YEN and Dazed&Confused magazines, also lent her considerable talent to the project.

Displayed as part of a live installation, What is Your Damage promised “a true meeting of creative minds and a challenge to the perception of how a fashion collection is presented.” The Process HQ was packed with a celebratory, notably young and hip crowd who an hour looked like they were settling in till the bar ran dry.


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