Jessica Hart is new face of Triumph

Jessica Hart is the face of Triumph’s new global campaign. Image supplied.

Triumph are kicking off 2017 with the exciting launch of their new global campaign ‘Find The One For Every You’ which stars stunning model and entrepreneur Jessica Hart. The campaign was shot by legendary fashion photographer Rankin and is designed to be empowering by telling the story of modern women and their multifaceted lives.

The concept behind the campaign is to show how Triumph bras support women in whatever they want to do and the wide range of pieces which cater for every age, shape, size and occasion. The aim is to encourage women to find the right one for them hence the title.

Rankin perfectly captured this idea with his bold signature style which highlights Jessica’s and each supporting model’s personality, individuality and style. “The most exciting thing about working on Triumph’s campaign is that the brand is moving in a whole different direction. The images are modern, accessible and incredibly confident. We’re really pushing the fact that it’s not just for the “perfect” women. Triumph is for every woman and every woman can wear Triumph and feel really confident in it. For me, this is an exciting thing to be involved with and really reflects what is going on in the real world.”

The campaign features some of Triumph’s most popular styles with everything from practical, sporty bras like the Triaction to soft and pretty pieces like the Amourette bras and briefs. Triumph have always been known for their superbly fitting garments and classic styles but the brand has been evolving again over the past few seasons and the new campaign is a new creative direction for them.

“It’s a really cool new look and I’m super excited to be part of it – representing this playful side of Triumph that speaks to all women,” says Jessica Hart. “Triumph understands that women play so many roles in their everyday life – we’re fascinating creatures! A huge part of being yourself is feeling comfortable. One day you might feel more like being cosy and supported, another you might want to feel sexy and strong. The exceptional fit and comfort of Triumph products lets you be whoever you want to be and that’s something I really love.”

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