Jasmin Sparrow releases beautiful collaborative collection

Jasmin Sparrow

Pearl Beaded Cap by Jasmin Sparrow and Glen Prentice. Image by Thistle Brown.

The craft of beading is at the heart of Jasmin Sparrow‘s beautiful new collection which is a collaboration with designer Glen Prentice. Pearls have always had a significant place in designer Jasmin Scott’s winsome jewellery ranges and as they’re also associated with love and marriage, this new range is perfect for the bridal market too.

The first piece created for the appealing new collection was the stunning Pearl Beaded Cap which was carefully crafted using sea pearls and glass beads. To appeal to a broader market a Tortoiseshell version featuring agate and glass beads was created too.

The Tortoiseshell colour way “was largely influenced by the surroundings whilst working at the Jasmin Sparrow showroom – the deepest, darkest brown table which we all work from, the numerous shades of brown and smoked glass found in the vases and furniture all accented with gold detailing,” says Glen Prentice.

Jasmin Scott designed an elegant five-piece jewellery collection to complement the beaded pieces with the aim of softening the materials of metal and stone. The jewellery pieces include the Marea Collar, the Marea and Seme Earrings and The Coco Belt which were created in gold, silver, baroque pearls and sea pearls. The idea is that each piece embodies an organic feel, mimicking the natural curves of the body: the cheekbone, jawline, collarbone and hip.

The delicate Beaded Collection features a Hand Beaded Bralette with chain fastenings, that can be worn over clothing for a subtle effect. There’s also two Hand Beaded Pouches one in Tortoiseshell and one in Pearls that are petite and perfect for carrying essential items. Wearers can carry the bag by a beaded handle or a silk ribbon to tie around the wrist making them a perfect special occasion piece.

Glen Prentice purposefully chose bias latticework for the beading to allow for movement and each piece was inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The Hand Beaded Bralettes can be traced back to Botticelli’s ‘Primavera, as similarly shaped adornments feature on Venus and one of the three graces to her right. The Hand Beaded Cap is reference to the traditional Juliet Cap, named after Shakespeare’s heroine, Juliet Capulet.

This beautiful new collaboration from Jasmin Sparrow and Glen Prentice is available online now.

Jasmin Sparrow Thistle

Jasmin Sparrow Thistle

Jasmin Sparrow Thistle

Jasmin Sparrow Thistle

Jasmin Sparrow Thistle

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