Jackie's Top Style Rules

I spend a lot of time talking to women about style and I’d have to say there are some unassailable truths that we all need to remember:

1. Style is about “how” not “how much”. It’s all about buying garments that suit YOU – your shape, your colouring and your personality. It’s about putting things together in a way that works for YOU. It’s about adding the right accessories and finishing your look. It’s certainly not about just walking into a store and spending a fortune.

2. Learning what works for you underpins everything about dressing well. It’s worth finding out how to flatter your figure. If you don’t know, seek the advice of a personal stylist – there is absolutely no shame in this. Have a body shape analysis done and learn how to dress your figure well, find out the colours that work for you. Save yourself a fortune forevermore and know that what you buy is going to work for you.

3. Don’t forget to play. Remember back to when you were fifteen and you had no qualms about trying stuff on ‘just for fun’. Cultivate a little bit of that into every shopping trip. Try a new store, try a different style. Take the advice of the sales assistant. We get so busy that we no longer have time to do stuff ‘just for fun’ – we’re always on a mission. On your next mission take something a bit outside your comfort zone into the fitting room along with your other choices and try it on – you might get a pleasant surprise. You’ll certainly expand your fashion horizons.

4. Don’t obsess. OK, so you hate your arms (or bum, or boobs or tummy or whatever). Fine, but don’t dress your entire body around that one particular hate. You run the risk of hiding a whole lot of good stuff when you dress to hide one slight, often over-stated imperfection.

5. Find your inner bloke. Now, don’t get me wrong here – I definitely think women should dress like women but what I mean is, you never hear a man saying “I can’t wear those shorts, my legs are too fat” or “I can’t go, I’ve got nothing to wear”. We need a bit of that fearlessness in our own lives. You know what? God made you the way you are – celebrate the fact you have a body at all, can run, jump, breathe, play whatever it is…let’s just get out there and enjoy that, rather than spend our lives worrying that we don’t look a certain way.

– Jackie O'Fee

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