Introducing: The Signet Collection by Saben


Saben gets a seal of approval for their new elegant Signet Collection, a range of New Zealand designed silver jewellery fashioned to stand the test of time.

The Signet Collection by Saben features a classic selection of silver jewellery that has been moulded to cater to a range of sophisticated personalities. The collection includes five signature pieces; Mac Daddy, Lady Luxe, Skinny Dip, Knuckle Bar and Stitch Earrings.


The concept of the Signet Collection is synonymous with Saben’s heritage as the brand is named after Saben Director, Roanne Jacobson’s grandmother. The notion of nostalgia is evident within the collection as the pieces reflect sentimental signet value with alluring modernity.

“The inspiration to designing this collection was to reflect the heritage of Saben as it is important to remember the past but also to evolve the range to reflect the future,” said Roanne.


The collection features, Mac Daddy the most solid ring option that speaks to women who can act a bit tough, but are smooth around the edges. The queen of chic is Lady Luxe, an understated effortlessly elegant ring for the stylish women. Skinny Dip caters to women who like to mix things up by stacking multiple Skinny Dips upon each other. Skinny Dip comes in two textural options, silver and matte.

The Knuckle Bar is straight gangs but can be poised with gracefulness. Knuckle Bar caters to the tough lady that would rock silk chiffon with her comfy kicks; an all-round Saben statement maker.


Saben Stitch Earrings allude to Saben’s original craft, which is the construction and stitching of leather handbags. When these earrings are worn they appear to look woven into the ear, a Saben signature style.

The Signet Collection prices range from an RRP of $89, available now. For more details visit

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