Introducing: Pinch & Punch


The idea of buying less and buying well is something that new label Pinch & Punch have taken to heart and made their brand ethos. Going against the trend of manufacturing and releasing a great number of garments several times a year, Pinch & Punch have taken the non-conventional approach of creating much smaller seasonal collections, releasing just one garment each of menswear and womenswear on the first of each month. That is partly where the label's name originates from as everyone knows the children's saying 'A pinch and a punch for the first of the month', it's the playfulness and strength in that expression that the label wants to convey with its collections.


Designer Jasmine Kroeze is no stranger to fashion, having been involved in the industry for nearly a decade, but with this label she wants to do things a little differently, focusing on sustainable production and currently sourcing and manufacturing everything in New Zealand. Her first collection for Pinch & Punch is called 'Bandseye' and features relaxed silhouettes in natural fibres, the focus being on a comfortable fit and quality materials. The name 'Bandseye' references the saying for when a person is 'flipping out' or overwhelmed by options. It's the liberation that comes from the feeling that Jasmine has focused on and the garments have a boldness and presence that reflects it.


As it is the first of the month today, two new garments have just been released and there will no doubt be more curious people (us among them) anticipating the release of the next two next month.






Images from Pinch & Punch


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