Introducing: Morfa

Morfa's new activewear range.


Fashionable activewear has been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years although there aren't many New Zealand brands trying to capture the local activewear market, which is where new label Morfa steps in. Designed in New Zealand, the label aims to create high end activewear products that are affordable and great to wear. "At the moment the New Zealand market is dominated by the big chain stores which offer either average quality gear that everyone wears or high end, high price gear which is unattainable for many people" says founder Gregory O'Connor. "Morfa clothes offer the quality and style of those higher end brands, but with a more accessible price."


Morfa has spent a long time researching and sourcing the right fabric and a manufacturer who specialised in making activewear at the right level for what they want to achieve. The fabric has been pre-shrunk to avoid any issues with the garments being misshapen in the wash and incorporates an antibacterial finish, which aids in preventing the tops from smelling after a workout, meaning that the garment won't be as whiffy when you do go to wash it. The feel of the garment is also silky soft which makes it easy to wear and very comfortable. "I haven’t felt any other activewear with the same feel as ours," adds O'Connor. "It’s definitely unique and feels amazing to wear. At the same time it is hard wearing and will not pill, this means the garment will look good and perform for a long time."


Although Morfa is still fairly new to the market they have had a favourable reaction so far with customers who have purchased their activewear already becoming repeat buyers and requesting more colours and styles. "Our plans for the near future are to grow our brand awareness and widen our product range, which includes releasing our tights and men’s shorts," enthuses O'Connor. "As for long term, we want to establish Morfa as a specialist in high-end active lifestyle wear with a unique style. This means as well as the high performance clothing we aim to produce additional ranges which provide more active casual styles for wearing outside of the studio or gym. We’re also looking into different fabrics such as merino, bamboo, carbonised and silver fibre blends which will allow us to produce these products. Ultimately we want to have Morfa to be established internationally, which will include physical stores around the world." It's a big dream but something tells us this activewear brand is going to go a long way.

Morfa is currently available online.



Images from Morfa

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