Introducing: Macleans High Definition White



Macleans have created a new High Definition White range to help unleash your smile.

Having a great smile is more than just having white teeth. Having a great big beautiful smile brings us confidence at work, in friendships and relationships.

A smile shows that your approachable, relaxed, happy, and stimulates feelings of trust and rapport. It’s so important to have a confident smile. The secret to putting your best face forward every day starts with your smile, and Macleans are here to help.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been using the new Macleans High Definition toothpaste with Illumipearls technology.


What are Illumipearls you ask?

They’re tiny particles made of alumina and silica that gently lift stains and polish your teeth.

Unlike other toothpastes, they don’t scratch off your stains and enamel. Basically they softly remove the bad bits, and leave the good bits. Win win!

The new range itself comes with a new toothbrush and two toothpaste variants – which provide up to 3 times whitening action when compared to a regular Macleans toothpaste. The paste flavours include Illuminating Mint with white, blue and aqua stripes for freshness and Tingling Mint with white, blue and green stripes for an intense, tingling, fresh feeling.

And from experience we can tell you, it’s one heck of a fresh tingly feeling!

The toothbrush and toothpastes are $5.99 each. That means for less than $12 you can have a super smile on holiday, at work, on a date – everywhere, everyday.


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