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Becca Project

Bec and Carlie, founders of Becca Project. Image supplied.

In these stressful times, self-care is a must so Auckland based candle brand, Becca Project have created a range of products to aid in the art of “hygge,” which means to take time enjoying the little things, such as lighting a candle. Becca Project’s candles are combined with organic essential oils, so you get the full holistic and mental wellbeing benefits of lighting their candles. Becca Project has recently expanded its products to include oil diffusers, body oils and fragrance balms. We had a chat with Bec and Carlie from Becca Project to find out how the brand came to be and what is next for these two entrepreneurial mothers.

Tell us about the faces behind Becca Project?
We are Bec and Carlie, two friends from the North Shore who bonded over our children’s close friendship and what turned out to be a very similar outlook in life, design and work ethic!

We both suffer from different auto-immune diseases and although initially sceptical, we were amazed to find essential oils offered us real relief from our symptoms. So, we set out to find a way that we could make essential oils smell good (check out our divine scent combos) and present them in a way that people would enjoy using them and they’d look great on their shelves. Becca Project was born.

What’s Becca Project all about?
The Becca Project ethos is all around ‘hygge’, taking time to enjoy the little things like lighting a candle. This is why we initially launched with our candle range. There are already so many products in the market for a consumer to buy. We wanted our range to be select and unique and to offer only quality products that can give our customers that feeling of contentment and taking a moment in time to care for themselves.

Candles were our first baby. We decided to take on the challenge of combining essential oils and candles!  Because we love candles and because essential oils were actually benefiting us personally.

Becca Project

Body Oil by Becca Project.

What’s different about Becca Project’s products?
Most people think products with essential oil are two-a-penny, but almost all of them contain just the synthetic fragrance, rather than the actual oil and all their wellbeing benefits.

For example, it’s very unusual to find candles containing essential oils. We mix ours directly into the wax. It took a lot of trial and error to get the mix right, but now our candles provide the direct health benefits of the oils, inhaled as the candle burns.

We later introduced our Becca Project diffusers, perfume balms and body oil which feature as part of our matching scent ranges. These are all essential oil-infused with gorgeous mood-enhancing properties.

Tell us about your scents?
We have curated a number of signature scent combinations based on divine smells and helping our customers to choose how they want to feel. There is a scent range to suit every desirable mood from uplifting to relaxing. A number of our fragrances are unisex too, as is our packaging as we want our range to be accessible and for men to also recognise the value of self-care.

What else drives you?
Protecting the planet. Our products are created with sustainability and the environment in mind. All our packaging, jars, bottles etc are recyclable. We use pure, organic, natural ingredients and everything is locally sourced where possible. We are proud to offer NZ products and the fact that this lessens our carbon footprint is really important to us.

One of our hopes for the future is that we’ll continue to rely less on global imports and produce more locally. People are becoming more aware of the importance of reducing waste and being more sustainable to protect our planet. Ideally people will sign up for a long-term ‘trend’ of being far more selective about their choices and choosing to purchase products that truly add happiness and satisfaction to their lives. Practice a little ‘hygge’ rather than rushing to buy the fads and discarding them moments later for the next big thing. That level of consumerism is depressing and we hope we play a small part in seeing that continue to decline.

Becca Project

Essential Oil Diffuser by Becca Project.

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