Introducing: Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles and Duos from Elizabeth Arden

Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles and Duos from Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden takes innovation to the next level with a new line of Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles and Duos.

Complete with skincare benefits, these new multitasking eye shadows enhance every woman’s look, true to Elizabeth Arden’s quest to make every woman feel confidently beautiful.

Our sister site, BeautyBible, recently caught up with Arthur Pellegrino, Vice President, Global Research & Development at Elizabeth Arden for a chat about the new line.

How are the new Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles and Duos different from other eye shadows?
The new innovative line of Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles and Duos delivers rich, vibrant colour that glides on evenly and lasts all day.  In addition, this new formula is comfortable to wear and is enhanced with skincare benefits that help lift and smooth the look of the eye area.

What are some concerns with the eye area and eye shadow that women face as they age?
One of the top concerns women face as they age is the loss of tightness of the skin on and around the eyelid. The skin’s ability to retain and hold colour decreases as it loses its smoothness and texture.  Subsequently, eye shadow can crease and settle into lines and wrinkles, which exaggerate the signs of aging on mature eyelids rather than concealing them.

What are some benefits the new eye shadow promises to deliver?
Beautiful Color Eye Shadow combines long wearing, brilliant colour with long-term skincare benefits, giving eyes a more youthful appearance immediately and over time.

The Beautiful Color Eye Shadow line uses Retinyl Linoleate and antioxidants to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help improve the look of signs of aging.

Our innovative Advanced Pigment Technology applies a 360° coating of Retinyl Linoleate, Vitamins C and E and Silicone around each colour pigment particle. The result?  Colour-true eye shadows with a rich, cushion-like texture that lay a veil of colour on top of the eye lid without settling into lines and creases.

This unique coating also enhances application by delivering rich, high-pigment colour that glides on easily.  While most eye shadows require multiple heavy applications to build and maintain full coverage and colour, new Beautiful Color Eye Shadows easily provides intense, crease-proof, and even colour.

What are the key ingredients and what skincare benefits do they offer?
The key ingredients in the Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles and Duos help give eye lids a firmer look and help improve the appearance of signs of aging around the eye area, while also protecting skin from future environmental skin stressors.

Retinyl Linoleate, Elizabeth Arden’s patented Vitamin A derivative, is clinically proven to help minimise the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and support skin’s own natural collagen production.

Antioxidants, Vitamins C and E help neutralise free radicals, greatly reducing their destructive power on skin cells in the delicate eye area.  Our Advanced Pigment Technology provides exceptional colour saturation and outstanding wear.  Each colour pigment particle is coated with a blend of silky silicone, Retinyl Linoleate and antioxidants to create a luxurious, smooth texture.

What new colours and finishes are being introduced in the Beautiful Color Eye Shadow line?
The Beautiful Color Eye Shadow line offers vibrant, long-lasting colour in a variety of wearable shades and multi-dimensional finishes, designed for all skintones and styles. The shade palette offers a spectrum of essential, on-trend colours in warm and cool tones, as well as a multitude of finishes ranging from matte, low lustre pearl, pearl and high pearl.

Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles – RRP$49 – Buy NOW
Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Duos – RRP$69 – Buy NOW

Available from BeautyBible's online store and Elizabeth Arden counters from June 11, 2012.

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