Inside the fashionable community of STYLEHUB with co-founder Tatiana Ceballos

Tatiana Ceballos from StyleHub

Tatiana Ceballos from StyleHub. Image supplied.

Fashion is always on the lookout for the latest new trend and bringing fashion lovers together to discover those looks is the mission of new online platform STYLEHUB co-founded by Tatiana Ceballos. The Colombian-born New Zealander has been working with a team of developers and tech experts to create the clever new platform which she and her business partners see as a way of creating an online community that is inspiring and connects fashion fans, trendsetters and brands. It’s an interesting idea and one that has merit in the fast-paced world of fashion especially when so much of the fashion we consume is now online.

We caught up with Tatiana to find out more about how STYLEHUB works, what makes it different and where she sees the future for her platform.

Where did the idea come from for STYLEHUB and why did you decide NZ was the right place to launch it?
Everything started when I moved to New Zealand five years ago from Colombia. I decided to start a fashion blog to practice my English and to showcase my style. I tried really hard to gain more followers, brand exposure and to find ways to monetise my blog while connecting with designers for collaborations. But since this proved difficult, after one year I stopped blogging and decided to keep working as a digital marketer within the fashion and beauty industry.

In the back of my mind I always had the idea that I needed to find a way to facilitate a place for fashion influencers to connect with fashion brands, stylists and designers. A place where they could easily showcase their latest ready-to-shop looks and collections. A place where style seekers could go and feel inspired and be able to discover new fashion trendsetters. That’s how STYLEHUB was born – last August in New Zealand. Despite the main aim of the platform to connect fashionistas worldwide; we chose New Zealand for its launch as we’re based here in Auckland. Additionally, this country has a solid fashion industry in the making and there is incredible talent to be discovered in New Zealand. We want to showcase that talent to the rest of the world.

Who is STYLEHUB designed for and how does it work for the user?
STYLEHUB is designed for everyone, particularly those with a love for fashion. If you enjoy beautiful or simple styling, want to feel inspired for your own looks and to discover new style icons you can sign up as style seeker. This allows you to follow trendsetters, comment, discover and like their looks while showcasing your own style via your personal profile.

Additionally, if you are fashion blogger, fashion designer or personal stylist, you can apply to become a verified trendsetter. As a verified trendsetter you can add your looks, latest collections and create a shoppable feed by tagging the brands you’re wearing or linking the products to ecommerce stores. You’ll be able to create your own bio page, get comments and followers. Also, you’ll be featured on the STYLEHUB platform and social media as a verified trendsetter. This will help you increase visibility, fans and sales while connecting with like-minded trendsetters.


Personal profile on STYLEHUB.

What was the development process like and what are the challenges of balancing a fashion aesthetic with technical functionality?
There are always challenges when designing and building from scratch. Since we are designing a platform for fashionable people with a keen eye for detail, we had to learn to balance the tech tools with a great look and feel. STYLEHUB is a cloud-based fashion social community to reinvent fashion content into a high quality digital stream for showing, sharing and selling. STYLEHUB also has a strong technology team to produce high quality digital products from user experience design, mobile first driven and high tech development.

What makes STYLEHUB different from social media like Instagram or blogging?
STYLEHUB is community focused on fashion. We’re not trying to replace any social media or blog. We’re an integrated platform to showcase and support the talent and work of fashion trendsetters and help them be seen worldwide, by increasing their online presence. Although Instagram does have a shopping function, the businesses have to be connected to Shopify, it currently has restrictive criteria, and you have to have a product catalog on your Facebook page. This makes it somewhat inaccessible for the likes of upcoming bloggers, designers and stylists or even those more established in the industry.

What has the response been like from users and brands so far?
We did a soft launch two months ago and the response has been very positive. We have over 600 users and this is continuing to grow organically with both trendsetters and style seekers sharing their looks on the platform. We expect to keep growing and getting more trendsetters applying and fashion lovers coming to discover new icons and looks.


Instructional guide on STYLEHUB.

How would you describe your personal style and does it influence STYLEHUB?
My style is edgy, plus I love minimalism, monochromatic and neutral colours. I think this is reflected through the platform’s look and feel.

What is your all-⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠time favourite purchase?
A black leather Moto Jacket, It’s edgy, it’s timeless, you can dress it up or down. I definitely wear it a lot!

Do you have a style rule you always obey?
Yes, less is always more. I usually wear one basic piece like a basic top or jeans, one interest piece and one ‘completer’ piece like a jacket or accessory.


Adding new looks on STYLEHUB.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
There are many! but having the opportunity to come to New Zealand resulting in my business partner and I co-founding and directing STYLEHUB. Getting to work for great fashion and beauty brands as their digital manager including MitoQ, ECOYA and Taylor Boutique has also been a highlight. I love to see brands grow, so I am excited to see where STYLEHUB ends up too.

Where do you see the future for STYLEHUB and where would you like it to be in five years?
There are three areas in which I want STYLEHUB to excel in within the next five or so years. These include:
– Continue to be a media platform for fashion digital content sharing and distribution. I want STYLEHUB to be the leading platform for fashion trendsetters wanting to make their feed shoppable and style seekers go-to place to discover fashion inspiration.
– Develop into a digital marketing agency for fashion trendsetters and brands. This would include collaborating one-on-one with our platforms users which is a big goal of mine as I believe it is important to create and nurture authentic relationships. This also includes creating relationships between trendsetters too connecting this community is key to ensuring the platform is sustainable.
– Grow to become a high-tech digital company for fashion, offering high-level of personalisation exceptional user experience and content.

You can check out STYLEHUB online.

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