In the Mood

Valeur Absolue offers a new meaning to wearing perfume, by combining the pleasure of wearing it with the beneficial effects of natural active ingredients, which will enhance the essential emotions of well-being for the woman who wears it.

The fragrances are, first and foremost, beautifully constructed and are delicious perfumes, made from the highest quality ingredients. 

What makes them unique is the addition of essential oils, a beta-endorphin booster and oligo-elements.  They are perfumes bursting with well-being.  

The Valeur Absolue range comprises of three fragrances..


•    Joie-Eclat – contains encapsulated diamond powder, the symbol of sparkle. 
•    Harmonie – contains real semi-precious amethyst stones, the symbol of serenity in litho-therapy. 
•    Sensualit√© – contains authentic mother-of-pearl, the symbol of femininity. 

As the names suggest, they are mood-related and each contains Areaumat Perpetua™, a natural extract of the Immortelle flower, which stimulates the release of beta-endorphins, known as ‘well-being’ molecules. 

Different combinations of essential oils provide relaxing and revitalising effects and oligo-elements offer energising and stimulating qualities, all combined within exceptionally fine fragrance formulas. 

Each perfume in the range has its own visible ingredient associated with the emotion of the perfume, communicating that there is more than a Perfume in the bottle. Taking inspiration from fine perfumery before the 17th century, when perfume played a real role in health, this concept has been modernised for the multi-faceted woman of today.


Available from selected Farmers, pharmacies and department stores from 24 March 2014.


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