Imedeen Celebrates its 25th Birthday

Imedeen celebrates 25 years this year.

It’s hard to believe beauty brand Imedeen is turning 25 this year, as it was founded in 1991 by Danish healthcare company Ferrosan. Imedeen has been popular in New Zealand since pretty early on and for many years gorgeous television presenter, Lana Coc-Kroft, was the face of the brand, featuring in their commercials during her long-running tenure on our tv screens.

For 25 years, Imedeen has been pioneering the science of beauty from within and today is acclaimed as the most studied skincare supplement in the world, with ten clinical trials and a number of in-vitro and consumer studies supporting the range. Tried, tested and trusted products supported by science are the key to healthy, glowing skin. While skincare like moisturiser is important to support the outer layers of skin, Imedeen supplements are designed to help support the inner layers of skin so you glow from within, as skin appearance is influenced by the quality of the dermis, the deep structural layer comprising collagen, elastin and moisture retaining elements where Imedeen works.

Imedeen skincare supplements contain the naturally derived Biomarine Complex, which is rich in moisture- binding polysaccharides and proteins, similar to those found naturally in the skin. Each age-adjusted formulation is built around this key ingredient and enhanced with different levels of antioxidant nutrients. Given its huge popularity in the beauty market, Imedeen is sure to be with us for many more years.

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