iD Emerging Designers on the future of fashion

Collection by Dylan McCutcheon-Peat on the iD Dunedin Emerging Designer Awards runway. Image by Chris Sullivan.

The recent iD Dunedin Emerging Designer Awards held as part of iD Dunedin Fashion Week 2018 saw 42 talented young designers from 19 countries compete in the prestigious competition. Sonia Sly from Radio New Zealand’s My Heels Are Killing Me podcast attended the event and caught up with several of the designers competing including Dylan McCutcheon-Peat from Otago Polytechnic and Australian designer Alissar Hammoud. Find out their thoughts on the challenges of being a young designer today and how they balance creativity, commercial reality and ethical principles in a highly competitive market.



Alissar Hammoud perfects the styling of her models on judging day at iD. Image by Sonia Sly.


My Heels Are Killing Me

Sonia Sly goes behind the scenes of the fashion industry to find out what exists beyond its glamorous façade.

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