Iconic 90s hair trends that have made a comeback

The 90s were an iconic era for so many reasons and the music, the fashion, makeup and hairstyles have influenced some of the biggest trend resurgences in recent years. This time around, we are taking a retrospective look back at some of the most iconic hair trends of the 90s and comparing them with their modern-day counterparts, to give you all the hair-inspo you need for 2022.

90s hair trends

Jennifer Aniston in the ’90s (left) and Hailey Baldwin in the 2020s (right).

The Rachel

The Rachel was arguably the most influential haircut of the ’90s and stars such as Hailey Baldwin have brought it back with a fresh modern-day take that works.

90s hair trends

Halle Berry in the ’90s (left) and Zoe Kravitz in the 2020s (right).

The Pixie Cut

The short and sassy pixie cut was a staple in the ’90s (originally it was a ’60s trend) and this is a style that is so flattering on the right face shape and one we don’t ever see going away.

90s hair trends

Janet Jackson in the ’90s (left) and Zendaya in the 2020s (right).

Box Braids

We absolutely love box braids – the perfect style for those women of colour with thick and textured hair, made famous by the likes of Janet Jackson. Zendaya recently rocked a modern twist on the red carpet.

90s hair trends

Mel B in the ’90s (left) and Jennifer Lopez in the 2020s (right).

Space Buns

You can’t Google Mel-B without finding a picture of her iconic ’90s Space Buns from her Spice Girl days and now they are all the rage for festival hair.

90s hair trends

Tyra Banks in the ’90s (left) and Hailey Baldwin in the 2020s (right).

Ponytail Flip

This retro-looking style is an easy way to vamp up the classic ponytail, this one was also popular in the ’50s and ’60s.

90s hair trends

Gwen Stefani in the ’90s (left) and Georgia May Jagger in the 2020s (right).

Candyfloss Hair

Singer and all-around ’90s icon, Gwen Stefani made candyfloss hair a thing back in her early No Doubt days and now it’s a solid modern-day trend that we love seeing people dive into.

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