How to Update Your Home's Style

There’s something special about creating a home that reflects your personal style and is an extension of how you want to live your life. Many interior designers look to fashion for inspiration when they’re coming up with concepts for their clients creating designs that are comfortable, luxurious and modern while utilising high quality products and a meticulous eye for detail. Whilst it may not be affordable to hire an interior designer for your place it is easy enough to look to local fashion designers who have ventured into homewares.


Karen Walker

Karen Walker has been working on the lifestyle additions to her brand for a few years now, starting with her collaboration with Resene which has led to some sublime house paints. Since she’s been working with Myer she’s also gone into homewares, resulting in bedding, mugs, plates, towels and several other items which are perfect for adding a touch of Walker’s quirky cool aesthetic to your home for a good price. In New Zealand her homewares range is available at The Department Store and Karen Walker’s Playpark store.


Kate Sylvester

Collaborating with design company Douglas & Bec has meant Kate Sylvester also has a range of homewares, some of which feature her beautiful signature swan motif.  Sylvester’s collection includes mugs, ceramic swans, lamps and several other pieces to add a suitably feminine and uniquely kiwi touch to your place, most recently she's released the beautiful floral bouquet blanket seen above. She has long been inspired by literature too and it definitely can’t hurt to add some of her favourites like Donna Tartt’s ‘The Goldfinch’ to your bookshelf.


The Foxes Den linen available from The Shelter

If your style leans more towards minimalist with a high fashion twist then you should be stopping by The Shelter, which is the award-winning concept store in Ponsonby that incidentally won the Best Retail section at the 2015 Interiors Awards. So it’s the perfect place to browse their carefully curated range of homewares including An Astute Assembly’s pottery and kitchenware as well as The Foxes Den’s luxurious linen.


It helps to look into your own wardrobe and take note of what your favourite colours, textures and fabrics are to keep in mind for when you’re out looking for new additions for your home. Also keep an eye on websites like Once It who often sell designer interior pieces for lower prices, which always helps when you’re going for a fashionable look but can’t always afford designer prices. Pinterest is the perfect place to start building a mood board to create the chic home of your dreams.  

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