How to transform your skincare routine for winter

Winter skincare routine

With a few small adjustments you can transform your skincare routine for winter. Image via Adobe Stock.

If you have been finding your skin has been dull, dry, flaky and breaking out lately – it’s probably due to the change in seasons. Just like with your wardrobe, changing your skincare routine to suit the colder weather is a must, as your skin has different needs to battle the cooler weather. Colder weather can dry your skin out, leading to a build-up of dead skin cells, which in turn can lead to dirt and bacteria being trapped under the surface of the skin – increasing breakouts and spending more time indoors under heating systems can also dry your skin out more, leaving your skin crying out for more hydration. But don’t fret, as there are a few small adjustments you can make to ensure your skin is protected and cared for during the winter season.

This is how to transform your skincare routine for winter:

Use gentle chemical exfoliants
Due to the increase in dry skin during winter, exfoliating your skin is important. Just make sure to switch from a heavy-duty exfoliator to a more gentle alternative. Chemical exfoliants, such as AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are great for getting the job done and they won’t be too harsh on your skin. 

Use an oil
Due to the constant change in temperatures, when you move inside to outside, having hot showers and using heating can disrupt the skins moisture balance, meaning that skin can become dry and flaky. Introducing an oil into your skincare routine can nourish the skin and improve moisture retention. Using oils such as Rosehip Oils or Bakuchoils – which is a natural Retinol alternative is a great option for sensitive skin.

Use a vitamin C product
Vitamin C is a great way to keep that summer glow going through the colder months. Vitamin C will brighten the skin and stimulate collagen production, so the skin can retain moisture and help to repair and long-term damage. Vitamin C is also great at evening out skin tone and reducing pigmentation that may have popped up during summer.

Switch to an oil-based cleanser
If you have been using a gel or foaming cleanser, now is the time to switch to an oil-based cleanser. During winter, your skin produces less oil, so it is important to be gentle to your skin, as not to strip any excess oil that your skin might need. Using oil-based cleansers will clean your face and won’t strip any of those vital oils from your skin.

Switch to a thick moisturiser
During winter your skin needs extra hydration so switching out your lighter moisturiser for a thicker, heavy-duty alternative will help to seal in hydration.

Don’t forget your SPF
SPF is not just for summer. It is important to use an SPF all year round as the UVA rays are just as harmful no matter what time of year it is. UVA rays will penetrate glass and clouds so you are open to getting sun damage even if you are inside or driving your car. UVA damage is dangerous as you cannot see it – it penetrates the deeper layers of your skin, causing long-term damage and premature ageing, so make sure you put an SPF on as the last step of your skincare routine every morning.

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