How to maintain your eyelash extensions at home

How to maintain your eyelash extensions at home

UP® Lashes & Brows have shared their tips for looking after your eyelash extensions at home. Image supplied.

Eyelash extensions, hair and skin all take varying levels of care and upkeep. We spend hundreds of dollars to maintain our beauty regimes, but what happens when we can no longer go and visit our trusted beauty therapists? We are stuck at home with peeling nails, showing roots and patchy lashes – that’s what. But it’s not all bad, because here at FashioNZ we are lucky enough to be able to chat with top industry insiders who can share their knowledge, tips, tricks and advice with us, so, in turn, we can share this information with you. So that you can help to maintain your beauty regimes from home we had a virtual chat with our friends from UP® Lashes & Brows and found out how you can make your eyelash extensions last the distance until your next appointment and how to remove them safely at home as a last resort.

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Can you please explain how the lash cycle works?
The lash cycle differs for everyone, but there are broadly 3 stages. The growth period, where juvenile hairs are growing to full adult size (usually around 4-6 weeks); the transition phase, where hair stops growing and the follicle begins to shrink (usually around 2-3 weeks); and the resting phase, where activity ceases and lashes will eventually fall out. (anywhere between 3 weeks up to 4 months).

At UP, we avoid applying extensions to natural lashes that are in the first or last stages of life, where their strength could be compromised.

Interesting fact, your lashes typically grow between 0.12–0.14 mm a day!

How can we maintain our eyelash extensions in-between visits?
Besides the skill and experience of your stylist, the way you look after your lashes at home is the number one factor in maintaining the longevity of your extensions. That said, it’s super easy to add good health habits into your daily routine.

There are a few products, in particular, our clients tell us make lash maintenance a breeze. Firstly, a good oil-free facial cleanser, applied morning and night, to the lash line. We use ContourCleanse® microfoam cleanser which has been developed specifically to safely remove makeup, oils and debris from your lashes. We also suggest that clients avoid using cotton pads around the lash line, which can hook and tear away natural lashes and extensions. Again, ContourCleanse® has a makeup removal sponge and microfibre towel in their range to safely work around your lashes.

Many clients need a little extra help maintaining their natural lash health, so products like Revitalash® Lash Conditioner is a fantastic way to improve health, flexibility and strength to your natural lashes whilst protecting against breakage.

How to maintain your eyelash extensions at home

What should we NOT do with our eyelash extensions?
Forget to maintain them! Aside from that, we are (usually) an outdoorsy nation, so most of the damage we see to lashes is a result of overexposure to the elements. That could be prolonged exposure to water; extreme heat; humid environments; chlorine; or even products like sunscreens and bronzers whilst outside. Your lashes can still be enjoyed in all environments, but you should take a second to think about what might be happening to, or making its way into your lash line. If the worst happens, damage can usually be remedied by your stylist with the help of your lash conditioners and maintenance products. You may just need a few extra sessions at the salon.

If need be, can we safely remove our own lashes at home?
We strongly recommend that clients visit an experienced lash professional to remove their extensions, if at all possible. However, for clients who cannot access a lash professional and are worried their extensions may lead to discomfort at this time, we have introduced a safe at-home removal kit which contains all the materials necessary to carry this out themselves. The process typically takes around 15 minutes.

What products would you recommend to remove makeup from eyes with eyelash extensions?
Firstly, we would suggest that with lash extensions (or lash tinting and lifting, for that matter), the need for any makeup on your lashes or around your lash line should be minimal. Most of our clients no longer use mascara or liquid eyeliners at all. However, if clients do want to use makeup around the lash line, we suggest they follow usual maintenance regimes, applying their oil-free cleanser day and night, using lash-safe removal materials. The ContourCleanse® range is a great example of products designed specifically for this task.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
The main thing clients should do if they have any questions or concerns about their lash health is talk to an experienced lash professional. The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is old but true – your stylist should be able to guide you about what steps you can take now to make sure your lashes stay healthy long into the future. Our team is only an email or phone call away.

This story is brought to you in partnership with UP® Lashes & Brows.

Images supplied.

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