How to look after your skin health at home

Skin health while at home with Biologi

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Our new normal of staying home at the moment means there are some areas of our lives that might suffer, but not all areas have to. We might be missing social occasions, human contact, dining out, heck, we might even be missing going to work, but missing your regular dermatologist or salon appointments doesn’t have to mean your skin has to suffer, it just means you might need to be more diligent with your at-home routine. We had a chat with Lucy Macdougald, Dermal Specialist at Biologi and she revealed the ways you can ensure your skin stays in good shape during isolation.

Cleansing rituals
Just because you’re spending more time indoors doesn’t mean your skin is staying clean. Pollution, dirt and residue from make-up and skincare products can sit on your skin and have the potential to cause blockages. Consider double cleansing your skin in the evenings and washing with warm water and muslin cloth when you wake up. Thoroughly cleansed skin can mean that you’re mitigating the risk of clogged pores and breakouts. Just be sure not to over-cleanse – this can cause our skin to be stripped of its natural oils that it needs to balance out its pH levels.

Weekly exfoliation
When we’re busy it’s easy to fall into habits that can neglect the skin, such as forgetting to exfoliate regularly. Implement weekly exfoliation into your routine, allowing you to clear away those dead and dulling skin cells. Exfoliation will help to speed up your skin’s process and allow new cells to regenerate, revealing a glowing and youthful complexion.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
Yes, you’ve probably heard this over and over again, but there’s a reason the advice to hydrate continually reveals itself – our skin is so responsive to it. Give your skin a drink by ensuring you consume plenty of water throughout the day, taking care of the inside, then applying a water-soluble serum to take care of the outside. We love Biologi’s BQK Radiance Serum which gives you a morning and evening solution for hydrated skin.

At home facials
Now is the time to look at ways that you can bring the salon to you! Invest in some tools that will allow you to implement some at home facials – whether it be jade rolling or Gua Sha, putting in the extra effort will keep your skin in shape. Using these types of tools will allow you to massage your face, whilst reducing tension, stimulating blood flow and promoting healing. Plus, it’s a great way to relax after a stressful day. Pair your tools with a nourishing face oil such as Biologi’s Br Organic Rosehip Oil. Harnessing the pure power of Rosa canina, Biologi’s Br Organic Rosehip Oil promotes the skins internal hydration and protective processes to support healthy cellular turnover.

All over nourishment
Another habit that can be implemented during your at-home routine is taking care of your skin all over. Most of us are in the habit of cleansing and moisturising our faces, but it’s likely there’s some that neglect the other areas of the skin. Be sure to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish other skin areas, such as the décolletage, hands and anywhere that requires attention!

Feed your face
The saying ‘you are what you eat’ reigns true when it comes to our skin so try to feed it with the nourishment it needs. That means consuming plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, along with the recommended intake of other food groups. Be mindful of how your skin reacts to certain foods and take care to feed your skin with what it needs. That also means applying ingredients topically that are void of any synthetics and toxins – choose natural plant extracts instead.

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