How to incorporate exercise into your life


We’ve asked some expert advice on how to incorporate exercise into your life. Image via Adobe Stock.

Life can be busy and finding the time or energy to fit in exercise can be a struggle for some people, but the benefits of moving your body are worth the effort. Exercise is not only beneficial to a healthy working body but also beneficial for a healthy mind. Incorporating exercise into your life doesn’t mean you have to make huge changes if you don’t want to, it can mean making small steps to changing your daily or weekly routine and slowly adding in physical activity.

We had to chat with personal trainer, Kobi Bracken, who specialises in circuit training, mobility improvement, strength training and body and mind relationships and asked her to explain how we can incorporate exercise into your life.

For people who are new to exercising, what are some easy ways to start incorporating exercise into their daily routines?
Our bodies are designed to move and be moved. I hear people saying ‘I don’t have time’, and to be totally honest with you I sometimes feel like I don’t have time during the day to fit in a workout either but then I remember how incredible I feel after moving my body. So the easiest way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine is to make time and plan ahead. Start small, consistency is key. Begin with 1 – 2 daily or weekly habits and track them on your phone or grab a friend and sign up to the gym or a cool new studio like Studiobox – They have a wonderful community, great trainers and a vibe like no other. You leave feeling energised and fabulous.

If someone has sustained an injury, how would you recommend they incorporate exercise back into their lives?
Like the saying goes ‘sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been to stand back up taller than you ever were’. I would recommend finding a physio to help build back up your strength and regain your mobility. No matter the size of your injury a physio is a good place to begin your journey back to daily exercise. Try yoga and pilates and gradually work your way back to the top. Don’t let an injury knock you all the way down.

How can we incorporate exercise into our workdays?
Getting yourself into a routine during your working week is going to set you up for success. I promise! Try waking up an hour earlier and book yourself into a group fitness class via ClassPass or a class at the gym. There are plenty of options out there to keep you motivated throughout your work week.

How can we incorporate exercise into our home life?
Set yourself up with a mini home gym. Kmart have easy and affordable equipment to make any home workout fun and as challenging as you desire. Then jump on Instagram and find a home workout, I am always so inspired when I scroll through my fitness page feed.

What would you recommend for people who get bored easily with exercise?
Keep it fun and plan ahead! On a Sunday, I will plan my workouts for the week. I work two jobs so sometimes I really struggle to fit my own workout in so having a plan is key for me to stay consistent and stay motivated. I put EVERYTHING in my calendar so I know what I am doing, I can then reassess during the week and if I’m feeling bored I change it up.

What would you recommend for people who don’t have a lot of time in their day to exercise?
Plan, plan, plan! And remember that something is better than nothing. If you can brush your teeth everyday, watch tv or see friends you definitely have 30 minutes to move your body.

Tips for making exercise more enjoyable?
A good playlist is key, friends workout with, a fun fitness class (conquer or ceremony at Les Mills) keeping your workouts fresh, try new places and meet new people. Coffee!

Tips for staying motivated during a workout?
Knowing how good the endorphins are going to be post workout, listening to your go-to hype song, having a plan of attack before you start your workout in key – create a workout in your notes or find one on Instagram to follow along to

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I believe that growth in any area of your life comes from being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Putting yourself out there and giving it a go, don’t forget you are not alone on this journey, we are all in this together!

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