How to have a more eco-friendly love life

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Theory of Her’s Mint & Bush product is both environmentally friendly and fun. Image supplied.

When you think about your love life, I’m sure the last thing you think is how it could be creating environmental waste? But with the use of condoms, lubricants, sex toys and lingerie – these are all things that have a negative impact on our environment. We have made great advances in being more environmentally conscious, with the banning of single-use plastic bags, replacing our single-use coffee cups with reusable coffee cups, opting for reusable menstrual cups instead of tampons and pads and choosing recyclable beauty products – so why wouldn’t we apply the same dedication to reducing plastic waste in our sex lives? In this article, we look at ways we can reduce the negative impact our love lives have on the environment by making some small changes.

Choose biodegradable products
Not only are condoms one of the most used products during sex, but they are also the most important for preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are crucial to a healthy sex life, however, they are also responsible for a lot of non-biodegradable waste. Generic condoms are generally made from latex, stabilisers, preservatives and hardening agents and there has been so official ruling on how long they could take to biodegrade and then there are condoms made from Polyurathane and those will never biodegrade, nor are they recyclable. However, there are brands such as New Zealand based healthcare brand Glyde that provide condoms that are a more eco-friendly option and sexual wellness brand, Hanx sells biodegradable, vegan condoms made from fair-rubber and paraben-free lubricants. Another way to ensure your condom use isn’t effecting the environment is to never flush them down the toilet, as they can end up in our waterways damaging our sea life – so make sure you are throwing them in the bin.

Be conscious of the sex toys you are buying
Did you know that vibrators can be sustainable too? Blush Novelties has created a biodegradable vibrator called the Gaia – it is made from bioplastics and will biodegrade within a few days (in the right environment). Another sustainable option is solar-powered sex toys, which are a more eco-friendly option than your standard battery-powered sex toy. CalExotics has designed the worlds first solar-powered vibrator, featuring a solar cell that allows it to convert artificial light and sunlight into energy. You can also choose to buy plastic-free sex toys such as those designed from glass, wood and stone and some manufacturers offer toy exchanges for a discount, so you can return your old sex toy to be recycled.

Buy sustainable lingerie
A lot of lingerie and sexual BDSM gear is made from leather, PVC and artificial fibres – instead, do some research and opt for brands that are creating sustainable alternatives, that are made from natural fibres. Another way to be more conscious is to avoid purchasing cheap, novelty, “one-wear” lingerie and choose a brand that you will wear over and over again or shop at op shops to find vintage treasures.

Choose an eco-friendly lube
A lot of mainstream lubricants are silicon-based, the problem with this is that silica is bioaccumulative, meaning it can buildup in our environment – it doesn’t naturally dissipate. Personal lubricants can also contain parabens which are bad for your health. Try choosing brands that provide naturally derived ingredients in their lubes, such as Bonk lube – a New Zealand natural sex lubricant brand. And Mint & Bush another New Zealand based, organic female pleasure product made by Theory of Her.

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