How to give yourself a salon style blow-dry

Wash and rinse
You need to make sure you get rid of every last trace of shampoo and conditioner as this can stop your hair from looking shiny. The trick is to rinse your hair for around one minute longer than you think you should.

If you find that conditioner leaves your hair TOO silky and flimsy, you have very very dry hair or you get oily too quickly, try omitting conditioner in the shower, and then spraying a small amount of leave-in conditioner into your hair after you get out of the shower – just on the ends.

Blot – not wring and rub!
You will have noticed that a hairdresser will never wring out your hair, nor rub it with a towel to remove the excess water – and neither should you. Simply use an absorbent towel to blot excess water from the hair until it is not dripping.

If you are using any heat styling tools (blow-dryer, flat iron, hot rollers and so on), you need to use a heat protectant spray on your hair – this should be applied at least 5cm away from your roots.

Additionally, pick a product that suits your hair and your style requirements and make sure, when applying it, that you use less, rather than more. It is far better to have too little than it is to have to much as excess products can weigh the hair down and make it look greasy.

Blow dry inspiration from Zimmerman at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week this year


To begin the drying process, flip your head over so you are upside down, and dry the hair all over, using your free hand to shake out the hair and separate it. Dry the hair until it is about two thirds dry.

Brush out your hair to remove any knots and then separate into three sections – lower, middle and top. It is best to use clips to hold the hair, but a hair-tie will do the trick.

The best tool for a perfect blow dry is a radial brush which will help to create volume in the hair. If volume is the last thing you need, try a flat brush.

Working in 10cm wide sections, hold the hair on the brush and pull the brush down the length of the hair, while holding the hair dryer with the air flow going directly DOWN the hair shaft. Doing this will mean the cuticle of the hair is flat – the key to making the hair look sleek and shiny.

Once overstyle
After you have blown dry all the sections of the hair, give the whole head a once over with the dryer. Working you way around the head in 10cm sections again, blow the air downwards onto the hair for 15 seconds, this time without the hair brush.


If straight and sleek is the look you are going for, then get out the flat irons. The key to healthy heat styled hair is to only go over the same area once each time you are straightening.


Spritz a shine spray over the whole head – one that has a little bit of hold to it works really well. If you have frizzy bits, spray a small amount of hair spray on to a tissue and gently wipe it over any fine hairs that need to be held down.

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