HOW TO: do the perfect smoky eye

smokeyresportWe love this light brown version of the smokey eye seen on the catwalk at the 2008 resort collections:

Here's how you do it:

Prep the lid:
To keeping eyeshadow from melting and disappearing into your eyelid crease your eyelids need to be oil-free. To combat this, it's best to apply a makeup primer over the lid before you get started, followed by a light dusting of translucent powder.

Apply eyeliner:
Apply either a grey, black or brown liner above the upper lash line, making sure the line is slightly thicker in the middle of eye. If your wanting to try a smoky eye in a different colour, try giving purple or dark green a go.

Smudge the liner upwards slightly so that the line blurs and a dark base is created on the eyelid.

Apply light base color:
Sweep a light, shimmery shadow over the lids to your brow bone in either cream or gold – something similar to your skin tone.

Apply darker colour:
Now you need to apply your darker colour but be sure to keep it below the crease so you don't end up looking like a knockback from an 80s video clip. Using an eye shadow brush blend the colour in by starting at your lash line and blending upwards. You also need to blend the eye shadow into the lash line so the eyeliner disappears.

Hit that bottom lash line:

Using a thin brush, add some of the darker colour to the lower lash line – don't be too heavy handed as you will end up looking tired.

To lighten up the look, add a light, shimmery shadow to the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone

Line 'em:
Line the upper and lower rims with a good quality dark liner

Double check:
The last thing you want is one eye darker or lighter than the other so check they match.


The perfect finishing touch to any smoky eye is applying several coats of black masacra – it will open your eyes and make them pop!

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