How to create wavy hair with the ghd rise

ghd Rise wave step by step

We’ve got a step by step guide to create voluminous waves with ghd rise. Image supplied.

Wavy hair with plenty of volume is now even easier to achieve with the new ghd rise, which is a volumising 3D smart hot brush. To help you achieve root lift waves like the beautiful hair look above ghd have created a step by step guide which shows you different techniques to achieve added shape, body and fullness.

You can check out the full step by step guide further below, but first we’ve got a quick chat with ghd New Zealand Education Executive, Jordan Thomas, on his tips for using the ghd rise, what his favourite styles to create with it are and what are his top tips for healthy hair?

What makes the ghd rise different from the ghd glide and what are your tips for using it?
Both of the tools belong to our hot brush family, but they have two very different purposes. I think of ghd glide when you need to smooth and tame the hair, where ghd rise is all about creating volume and movement.

The ghd rise is also perfect for those who have finer hair and want it to feel fuller. When you compare a curl with rise VS a styler (straightener) you get a lot more body, where a styler gives you more of a polished result.

What are your favourite styles to create with the ghd rise?
BIG hair! Generally, when we think of creating volume in the hair we tend to think of height, but volume is in both directions and can also mean width. I’m enjoying creating head hugging silhouettes at the root but with lots of width. To create more of a lived-in, beachy texture, you can curl in different directions to create ‘clashes’ in the hair. For more of a polished wave, you can curl in the same direction and brush out using the ghd paddle brush combined with ghd Final Shine Spray & Final Fix Hairspray.

What are your favourite hair trends for this Spring/Summer?
I think lockdown(s) have had a real impact on how we want to style our hair. We’re tired of rocking the messy, working from home, bun and craving something a little more styled. At the end of last year we were still seeing salon clients favour darker roots and lightened mid-lengths and ends, whereas now we are seeing a shift towards lighter tones starting right from the scalp, we’re wanting to looking like we have just stepped out of the salon and with a style to match… Volume and body!

How did you get into the hair industry and what makes you passionate about it?
If I’m being honest, I stumbled into the industry. I started working as a ‘Saturday boy’ in a salon in Soho, London as a teenager whilst still at school and I thought it was the coolest place to be. The people, the energy, the beers after work… I loved it! It was the vibe of a salon, all these creatives in one place, that’s what made me want to learn the craft.

Tell us about your role as ghd Education Executive and what it involves?
No day is the same, my role with ghd is varied. I can be delivering the latest trend-led techniques to industry professionals in their salons, mentoring our Style Squad team made up of emerging stylists across Australia and New Zealand, introducing our latest innovations or limited edition collections at a press event, or working backstage at a show or shoot.

What are your top tips for healthy hair?
My top tips for healthy hair are…
– Do not use extreme heat when styling. 185° degrees is the perfect temperate any higher (or lower!) is going to be a lot more damaging for the hair than working at 185°. Our Platinum+ Styler works at a constant temperature of 185 giving you 70% less damage* and X2 less colour fade*
*When compared to a styler working at 230°
– Always use ghd Heat Protect Spray, even when blowdrying. Our heat protection system has 3 key ingredients to keep the hairs integrity. Heat protection polymer to protect the hair from direct contact from the heat, conditioning agent to prevent the hair form rapid moisture loss and our heat protection enzyme which helps to defend against environmental thermal factors such as UVA rays.

Create voluminous waves with the ghd rise:

ghd Rise wave step by step

Step 1 – PREP: Spritz the roots with ghd root lift spray and the lengths with ghd curl hold spray.

Step 2 – SECTION: Take a section in front of the ear.

ghd Rise wave step by step

Step 3 – TECHNIQUE: Pointing up, place ghd rise at the root and wrap hair around the barrel and hold for 5-8 seconds.

Step 4 – TECHNIQUE: Glide out and loop under.

ghd Rise wave step by step

Step 5 – TECHNIQUE: Re-wrap and hold for 5-8 seconds, glide to the ends of your hair.

Step 6 – CONTINUE: Continue until all the hair has been waved.

ghd Rise wave step by step

Step 7 – TECHNIQUE: At the crown, place ghd rise horizontally at the root and wrap the hair around the barrel and hold for 5-8 seconds and then unwind.

Step 8 – BRUSH: Backcomb the roots using ghd narrow dressing brush.

ghd Rise wave step by step

Step 9 – DRESS: Using the ghd oval dressing brush, gently brush through your hair.

Step 10 – FINISH: Spritz with final fix spray.

ghd Rise wave step by step

All styling products and tools are available at and ghd Elite Salons.

Images supplied.

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