HOW TO: create a chic side bun

The look low-down

The hair is side parted and hair is drawn around the opposite side of the parting and fixed in a loose, undone bun or twisted and pinned to the head. Pieces of hair are normally left free at the front.

Check out Audrina Partridge at the Grammys below:

FashioNZ's how-to guide

Step 1
Part your hair to one side – your part should start directly above the middle of the eyebrow on whichever side you choose to part it.

Step 2
Pull all your hair around behind your head over to the same side that you parted it on – pin it in place at the back of the head.

Step 3

Using a fine-toothed comb, back comb the hair to give it body – you can go a bit nuts here and don’t worry about how messy it gets.

Step 4

Using a brush, brush the surface of the hair lightly to smooth it down – don’t brush to hard and remove all the teasing you have just done. Re-pin the hair to the side.

Step 5
There are two ways you can create the bun: with either of these methods it is up to you how messy or tidy you make it – both ways work with this look.

1) Tie your hair into a side pony tail and then loosely wind your hair around the elastic and secure with hair pins as in the picture below (for an easy quick side ‘do’ simply pull the hair through the elastic as per usual and on the last pull through, leave the base of the pony tail in the elastic so the hair creates a loop)

2) The other option is to freestyle it and create a bun from scratch by twisting and pinning the hair into shape like Michelle Williams is wearing below:


  • For a bun that is full of body and shape, you can curl the hair from half way down the shaft first and pin the curls in to a bun.
  • Keep teasing sections of the hair as you are forming the bun if you want it to be big.
  • Ideally do this look they day after a hair wash – the dirtier your hair, the easier it will be to create the side bun.
  • You know those funny hair pins you can buy that look like they have been stretched apart? Those are excellent for creating this look as you can pick up bigger pieces of hair with them.
  • This look does not have to be perfect – in-fact, the more ‘freestyle’ the better.
  • Got a special occasion? Why not pop a flower in your bun, or a pretty clip to finish it off.
  • There are heaps of videos on You Tube that show you how to create this look.


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