How to contour your face like a pro

How to contour like a pro

We’ve got some great tips on how to contour like a pro. Image via Adobe Stock.

Let’s talk about contouring – it’s been a hot beauty craze for the past few years and no, it wasn’t Kim or Kylie that invented it. Contouring, in fact, has been around for decades and originated in the drag community as a way to change the shape of your face with makeup. In recent years, contouring meant chiselling the heck out of your face to completely change the look and natural shape but has since evolved and settled into a happy medium of highlighting your natural face shape and features by adding depth and dimension instead of changing them completely. 

For a good contour, you are going to want to pick a product about three shades darker than your natural skin tone and keeps within your natural undertone family – the rule of thumb is for cool undertones, pick a cool, greyish-brown shade and if you have a warm undertone, pick a warm, reddish-brown shade. Next, you’ll want to decide whether to choose a cream contour or a powder, which can mostly be based on your personal preference, but to help you decide – looking at your natural skin texture can help. For example, if you have dry skin or your makeup tends to settle into creases or fine lines, a cream contour would be our best bet. Or if you have oily skin and would prefer more of a matte finish, then go for a powder contour. 

So now we know what contouring is and what products we need to use, we now need to know how to contour and we thought it would be easier to show you rather than tell you. So we have put together some informative YouTube videos to give you step-by-step tutorials on the right contour for you and your skin.

How to contour with a powder

How to contour with a cream

Do’s and Don’ts of contouring

How to get glass skin with contouring

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