How to Choose Headwear

Headwear by Natalie Chan (left) & Monika Neuhauser (right).

As we approach the warmer months, and various social occasions fill up our calendars, attending the races and weddings are two such occasions which calls for a fabulous outfit from head to toe. Headwear in recent years has had a resurgence in its popularity and it’s a really great trend to embrace, for how often do we get the opportunity to don a hat like generations of ladies before us, where wearing a hat was part of their daily norm.

Generally the easiest way to compile your ensemble is to start with your outfit first, as this will dictate the style of your headpiece to co-ordinate with. If you are new to wearing a headpiece, you may want to start small, a cluster of silk flowers such as these pretty ones pictured above by milliner Natalie Chan, or a detailed headband like this gorgeous number by Monika Neuhauser is a lovely way to build up to wearing larger pieces.

Headwear by Modes (left) & Morgan and Taylor from Smith & Caughey’s (right).

Then there is an array of petite sized hats in different styles such as the button, beret, or pillbox as popularised by a certain Duchess of Cambridge, which are perfect for attending the races or to a formal wedding. Look out for features such as scrolls, quill sticks, flowers and veiling which can add great drama to your look, like this embellished navy button from Modes or perhaps you are game enough to opt for a masked veil such as this glamorous Morgan and Taylor piece from Smith and Caugheys.

Headwear by Claire Hahn (left) & Natalie Chan (right).

Following this are architectural, disc and wide brim styles, which contestants generally love when entering the Fashions in the Field competitions at race meetings around the country (never mind what’s happening trackside, these competitions are a whole other sport in itself!) This feathered number from local milliner Claire Hahn is quite a stand out, or you could try this wide brim hat by Natalie Chan for size. A well made headpiece will fit securely on your head either on a headband or foundation or with a comb or elastic. Hairspray and a handful of bobby pins are also millinery wearing essentials.

Dresses and headwear by Ooby Ryn.

You may look for colours to either complement or contrast with your outfit, a head to toe outfit in the same colour can be quite striking, as can singling out a single colour in a printed dress to match with, as seen in both of these Ooby Ryn looks. When pulling an outfit together think about the balance – a detailed, feminine dress would pair best with a streamlined headpiece, while you can afford to go detailed in headwear if wearing a sleeker, plainer dress. For those that are already well versed in wearing headpieces, trends to look out for this upcoming season include wide brim boater styles and statement crowns.

But perhaps most important is to choose a millinery piece that matches your comfort level, there would be nothing worse than wearing something you end up fussing over all day or choosing a piece that simply overwhelms you. Go it alone and scour the shops to find that perfect finishing piece or enlist the help of an expert milliner who can help guide and style you. Your chosen headpiece should exude your personal style; make you smile and act as an extension of your wonderful self.
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