How to adapt Bridgerton-inspired fashion into your wardrobe

Bridgerton fashion

The gorgeous fashion in Bridgerton is inspiring our wardrobes this season. Image via Netflix.

It’s no surprise that Bridgerton has been trending on Netflix the past few weeks with it’s frothy drama, steamy scenes and of course, eye-catching fashion. While it may be set in 1813, the costumes are anything but strictly historical (no bonnets here), with costume designer Ellen Mirojnick utilising a vibrant, modern palette and clever touches to make the gorgeous designs appealing to today’s audience.

Over 7,500 costume pieces were created for Bridgerton with leading lady Daphne Bridgerton, played by Phoebe Dynevor, wearing 104 costumes in the eight episodes of the first season. And what sublime costumes they are, every detail of each actor’s and extra’s costume is suitably lavish and the Regency period in which the show is set adds to the glamour.

With such gorgeous costumes it’s unsurprising that online searches for empire line dresses, corsets and puff sleeves have shot up with fashion fans dubbing the influence of Bridgerton as Regencycore. We’re rather taken with the beautiful fashion of Bridgerton ourselves and if you want to create a look inspired by the show we’ve broken down the different elements to make it easy and fun for you to do.

Bridgerton style

RUBY Kendall Midi Dress $289 (left), AERE Puff Sleeve Midi Dress from The Iconic $149 AUD (centre), Forever New Maureen Linen Mini Dress $179.99 (right).

Puff sleeves
Thankfully puff sleeves made a comeback in fashion in recent seasons so they’re relatively easy to find these days, and are also easy for anyone to wear. These sweet dresses from RUBY, AERE and Forever New perfectly capture this dreamy style of sleeve. You’ll notice that these dresses are in soft pastel tones which is Daphne Bridgerton’s preferred colour palette and perfect for Summer too.

Bridgerton style

Macgraw Swifts Dress $895 AUD (left), Alice McCall Baby Dee Midi Dress from The Iconic $454.25 AUD (centre), Country Road Full Sleeve Midi Dress $279 (right).

Empire line dresses
The very high empire line dresses featured in Bridgerton can be found at some labels currently but we’re sure that many more will be following suit with the popularity of the show and it’s effect on fashion. Empire line dresses have trended in fashion several times over the past couple of centuries and were very popular again in the sixties. Today’s version usually sits a bit lower under the bustline but designers like Macgraw and Alice McCall favour the higher cut version more similar to the dresses in Bridgerton. Combine the empire line with a puff sleeve and you have a gorgeous Bridgerton style dress.

Bridgerton style

Glassons Diamante Hair Clip 4 Pack $8.99 (left), IZOA Viva Headband $90.85 AUD from The Iconic (centre), Farmers Mae Pearl/Diamante One Touch Clips $10.99 (right).

Detailed hair accessories
From delicately pretty hair clips to bejewelled hair pieces and hair flowers, there was a lot of attention paid to hair accessories in Bridgerton. They’re also an easy way to add glamour to your outfit and you can use as many as you want if you’re trying to re-create some of the incredible ball hair from the show. Diamant√©s, pearls and gems (real or fake) are the best way to achieve a Bridgerton worthy hair style.

Bridgerton style

Kate Sylvester Rose Midi Dress $399 (left), Trelise Cooper Tiers of an Angel Dress $849 (centre), Augustine Ness Dress $219 (right).

Vibrant florals
While the Bridgertons may favour a softer colour palette, the fiery Featheringtons love bright colours and bold florals which makes for stunning statement looks. These winsome dresses from Kate Sylvester, Trelise Cooper and Augustine all feature colourful florals that catch the eye and offer a taste of the Featherington’s style. The midi-length skirts add to the Bridgerton style appeal of these dresses too.

Bridgerton style

Glassons Lace Corset Top $29.99 (left), Pleasure State Bolera Corset $249.95 (centre), Milly Bow Satin Corset $109.99 (right).

From the opening scene of Bridgerton with Prudence Featherington being tightly squeezed into a binding corset it was clear that the right undergarments were part of these period-inspired looks. While being tightly laced into something that makes it difficult to breathe normally isn’t so appealing, wearing the modern version which creates a great shape under your clothing is a do-able option if you feel inclined. Otherwise it’s fun to wear lacey pieces that have a similar style without the restrictiveness.

Bridgerton style

Karen Walker Golden Girl Cameo Earrings $60 (left), Swarovski Tennis Deluxe Mixed Choker $349 (centre), RUBY Pearl Baroque Earrings $29 (right).

Luxe Jewellery
Complementing the incredible dresses on Bridgerton is dazzling jewellery which ranges from Daphne Bridgerton’s delicately pretty pieces to the larger spellbinding pieces embraced by some of the other characters like Lady Danbury. This charming Swarovski choker is perfect for those who want to go down the more demure route while Karen Walker’s enchanting cameo earrings offer an opulent look at an accessible price, as do RUBY’s pearl earrings. However you choose to accessorise your Bridgerton inspired look going for the most luxe looking pieces you can find is definitely your best option dear reader.

Bridgerton style

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