How jeans changed fashion and what is the future for denim?

Jeans podcast may 2018

Image supplied by Levi’s.

Jeans are a Kiwi wardrobe staple and this week Sonia Sly from Radio New Zealand’s My Heels Are Killing Me podcast discusses denim with Nicky Rowsell, marketing manager for Levi Strauss Australia and New Zealand. They look at the heritage of Levi’s, where the brand is going and how sustainability and technology has changed the design and production of denim. Sonia also talks to Gosia Piatek from Kowtow about their new denim range and how they create jeans that are organic as well as stylish.



My Heels Are Killing Me

Sonia Sly goes behind the scenes of the fashion industry to find out what exists beyond its glamorous façade.

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