How crochet got cool


Crochet is back in style and increasingly popular. Image supplied.

Did you know that crochet is New Zealand’s most popular craft? Crochet has been back on trend for a few seasons now and as a result local knitting and crochet groups used more than 150,000,000 metres of yarn in the last year. But how did it get so popular? Well, it’s no surprise that handmade items are sought after again, people have become much more aware of buying locally and from ethical sources. You only have to look at the success of local brands like Jessica Greetham and The Knitter who offer hand-knitted garments that are unique and beautifully made.

Crochet has also been seen in the collections of many major and local designers like Sabatini, and with Kiwis being the DIY enthusiasts that we are, many people are choosing to have a go at making their own. That’s something that Spotlight specialise in and March is Spotlight National Craft Month. Throughout the month they will be hosting craft workshops and sessions to enable crafters to further their skills or get a grasp of the basics.

If you’re that way inclined now is the perfect time to learn crochet or pick it up again. Among the many reasons it has become so popular is it’s a relaxing break away from the screens that dominate so much of our lives. Not to mention that craft groups are on the rise again and the ‘stitch and bitch’ sessions that encourage younger women to take part and have fun while making new friends, have never been more in demand. Whether you want to have fun with your friends, take lessons from your nan or pick it up via YouTube, there are lots of ways to learn to crochet.

There’s also a real sense of achievement in completing a project successfully, especially when it’s something you can wear and show off to your friends. Since Autumn is a season for layering, and knits are perfect for keeping you warm, now is a great time to add some beautiful crochet pieces to your wardrobe.

Images from Spotlight.

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