Hot Makeup Tips from Smashbox Lead Artist Lori Taylor

Smashbox's  Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor demonstrating eye makeup application tricks.


Smashbox's Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor was in town this week to demonstrate Smashbox's latest products and share her top makeup tips and tricks. She has been a leading makeup artist for 16 years and works on Smashbox's product development as well as creating looks. According to Taylor women now know a lot more about makeup and makeup application thanks to social media, and she's right with the number of beauty bloggers and YouTube makeup tutorials increasing on a daily basis. Taylor shared that while in LA, where Smashbox HQ is, women want matte looks that offer full coverage, she loves that New Zealand and Australian women prefer a more natural look that has radiance and glow. Smashbox has four new products which Taylor demonstrated and shared her advice on how to get the best from them:


Eyes and Brows

Smashbox's latest eye palette is the Shape Matters Palette which features eye shadows, contour powders and brow powders. "This palette replaces five products in my makeup bag. Everything is right in front of you for defining face, eyes and brows," says Taylor. She recommends looking carefully at your eye shape as it's easier to apply makeup that suits you once you know what your eye shape is. Taylor has made a video with the top tricks and tips for using the palette and creating perfect eye makeup here. Smashbox's new Brow Tech Shaping Powder is wonderful for creating a natural looking brow and there's a helpful clip for how to apply it well here.



One of the best ways to get radiant looking skin is by using the right oil which is wear Smashbox's Primer Oil comes in. It's designed to either be applied before foundation or mixed in with foundation and has the effect of making your foundation less flat and more luminous. It can also be layered on to eye shadow for an extra glow. It's made up of 15 essential and lipid-rich plant oils and means your makeup looks more like your own skin and less matte. Learn Taylor's tips and tricks for applying primer oil in Smashbox's video here.



Matte lips are a definite trend, especially in bold, bright colours, not to mention the dark lips of the nineties that have made a comeback again. Smashbox has just brought out their new Insta-Matte product which can cleverly give your cream lipstick a matte look. You simply dab on the Insta-Matte with your finger until your lipstick looks as matte as you want it to, it also helps stop your lipstick feathering too. Find out how Taylor uses Insta-Matte in this Smashbox video here.


Images from Matt Genefaas @thefridaystudios.

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