High Fashion and Art come Together to Officially open ANdREA Moore's Flagship Store


At Andrea Moore on High Street, you can buy not only the bright and beautiful silk dress you love but also the shelf it sits on. 


One of New Zealand’s renowned furniture designers, Nathan Goldsworthy, offers some of his ingenious pieces in-store. His furniture designs involve beauty, clarity of idea and intelligent material selection, which tie in well with Moore’s fashion design approach. Mr Bigglesworthy, who are famous for their retro, art and vintage furniture collection and original design classics is another local talent on offer.


To celebrate the official launch party for the Flagship store on High Street a collective of local artists will transform the space further for an exclusive exhibition. The ‘ToGetHer’ Collective is a group of ex Auckland University of Technology, Bachelor of Visual Arts (AUT BVA) graduates who experiment with a variety of different mediums including painting, photography, installation, video and sound. 


“We aim to continue fostering the creative play that runs amok in art school outside of the confines of the institution. Our individual practices are fundamentally different but we are intrigued by the concept and challenge of coming together to make collaborative work. With the idea of ‘together’ we forget about the notion of the individual”, says Petruschka Willmann, the collective spokesperson.


The site specific installation was created in response to High St store space as well as by Moore’s Spring Summer 11 collection “She Flies with Angels”.



For the installation that will be exhibited at the official opening party, ToGetHer Collective cut 18,000 hearts out of paper. These have been threaded together and will be suspended throughout the store. This Laborious task echos the skilled craftsmanship of Andrea Moore garments and the pride that comes with locally produced products.


Guests / viewers are greeted by an illuminated hand cut curtain which flows up and then along creating a new suspended ceiling. Light and dynamic movement are the key ideas in this work. 



“With this work we aim to find a balance between art and fashion by creating a conversation between the two. This should create an atmosphere that engages the guest’s sense of the experience in relation to the environment it is presented in”, expresses Willmann. 


Adding yet another dimension to the multi faceted retail offering, Andrea Moore’s exclusive tailoring service ‘Suit Yourself’ now extends to the High Street space. The location could not be more perfect for corporate women working in professional services and executive roles in and around High Street and the wider Auckland CBD area.


Andrea Moore garments are New Zealand made, intelligent in design, elegant and feminine. She uses exquisite fabrics and original print designs.

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