Her Apparel's Inspiring Body Confidence Campaign

Her Apparel's new body confidence campaign.


Her Apparel have just released a new body confidence campaign which aims to create an impact by celebrating everyday women's shapes, cultural backgrounds, ages and sizes. "We then wanted to take it one step further and go deeper than just a photo campaign," says founder Rebecca Rasool. "We wanted to impact viewers and bring the women featured to life by sharing their inner thoughts and find out the struggles they went through on their journeys to confidence. We also asked them what advice could be passed on to women looking at them and reading about their journey to help inspire other women who may not be confident enough in themselves."


The campaign was shot by Carla Pafundi and is beautiful in its simplicity and realness, each of the twelve women are clearly relaxed and embracing the experience. Her Apparel's idea of bringing the images to life by sharing each woman's story is a smart one as it makes the imagery even more relatable and the advice is honest and reassuring that everyone struggles with their own issues. "Confidence comes with time. Don't beat yourself up, because you'll get there," says Tessa. "Do the things in life you feel comfortable with, push the boundaries but know your limits. Know you're beautiful, even beside the prettiest girl in the room; you're your own kind of pretty. Everyone is beautiful, we just don't always see it."


With followers in over 25 countries due to their ever expanding social media and e-commerce presence, the message of Her Apparel's campaign will likely spread far and wide quickly. Their followers are also encouraged to share their Her Apparel purchases and inspire others with their body confidence via the brand's hash tag #hergirlclub.

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