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The FashioNZ team enjoying NZ Fashion Week 2019. Image by Doug Peters.

FashioNZ has been online 21 years this year and as many of you a lot has changed since 1998. While we have always supported New Zealand fashion and we want to continue to do so for many years to come the reality is the digital landscape has changed a lot and we need your help to continue doing what we love. FashioNZ is currently owned by us, Evelyn and Carolyn Ebrey, two sisters with a life-long love of fashion who saw the opportunity to take on this digital piece of NZ’s fashion heritage three and a half years ago and set about re-invigorating it and taking it into the future.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey and as small business owners we’ve had a great deal of help and support along the way. We’ve also had a lot of support from you, our readers, and we value every comment, every email and every phone call from you. When we did our recent reader survey we got an outpouring of positivity from you about our work and telling us how much you love the site and what we’re doing. It was really heartwarming for us and we appreciate your support more than we can possibly put into words. It also made us realise we’re on the right track and that we want to keep doing this for as long as possible.

As a tiny independent media company that operates on a fraction of the budget that the big players do we really need your help to grow and thrive. We want to keep FashioNZ free for everyone to view at anytime so there won’t be a paywall happening on our site or a subscription service to view our articles. The site will always be accessible to anyone at anytime.

What we’re looking for is donations however big or small and we’ve partnered with PressPatron so that you can donate easily and securely on a one-off basis or on an ongoing one however you would like to. Any donation is appreciated and means a lot to us. The reality is for us to keep growing and offer you the best NZ fashion and beauty content every day we do need your help.

You can find the PressPatron link running across the top of our site and at the bottom of some stories in red.

Thank you for your support and here’s to many more years of FashioNZ.

Evelyn, Carolyn and the FashioNZ team.

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