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Purple is hot -wear it!

In the form of eyeshadow and nail polish – or lipstick if you are especially dark skinned. Purple eyeshadow is one of the only ‘colour colours’ (excluding neutrals) that looks great on everyone – see – you learn something everyday! Go and be a know-all and tell ALL your friends.

Purple eyeshadow is trendy in all forms this autumn – pale, bright, plummy, you name it – but the hottest way to wear it is to go for a bright, deep-ish purple – and sweep it wet over the upper-lash line with a thin brush to create a line, rather than full lid coverage.

If this look is a little too out there for you then you can use it with your neutrals, or when you are doing a smoky eye at the outer corner of your eye to add a little colour.

If you are more of a shrinking violet (ha!)and prefer subtle makeup or you want to translate this trend in to something you can wear at the office, covering the whole lid with a creamy lavender eyeshadow looks fabulous – see below: M.A.C created this look at Hailwood's ANZFW show last year using Electra Eyeshadow.


It is very important when you create this look that you use foundation to remove any redness from your complexion and keep the lips as close to your natural colour as possible or a subtle berry hue – like Katie Homes below – so pretty!


Fuller figured brows

Time to say goodbye to anorexic eyebrows and hello to healthier looking arches. Without retreating to Brooke Shield’s larger-than-life stunners, brows are getting thicker and the trend this Autumn/Winter is for brows that are full, strong and close to their natural shape – yet perfectly groomed and arched.

If your brows are looking a little underweight, the best thing to do is to leave them untouched for a full six weeks (not even a teeny tiny pluck under the brow line on a Friday night before you go out when you think no one is watching).  Then, when you are ready to get yourself a trendy new pair of brows, click here and call this number for a good time.

The dinky little side bun (that looks amazing on everyone)

The look low-down: hair is side parted and the hair is drawn around the opposite side of the parting and fixed in a loose, undone bun or twisted and pinned to the head. Pieces of hair are normally left free at the front.

Absolutely the biggest hair trend for the coming seasons is the super-chic, super-sexy side bun – a runway trend that can totally be worn in real life (yes, this phenomenon exists).

My friend Alice is AWESOME at creating this look – you can see her handiwork on me for the races last week in the picture below. But if you don’t have an Alice to do your hair then stay tuned for my step by step instructions for creating this look, coming soon.


Note: Also very trendy are wavy side ponytails, braids and just generally sweeping your hair all to one side -pretty simple, huh!

Walk the line (er)

Liquid eyeliner is not a newbie by any stretch, but this new take on it for Autumn/Winter '09 is one hot trend for which you should go to beauty jail if you don't use it.

The liquid liner trend for this season goes a little bit like this.

Flawless foundation, very very very nude lips, a teeny bit of bronzer on your cheeks, super groomed brows and a tidy, elegant line of black liquid liner on your eyes with a wee flick out to the side – so easy, so chic – so fashion! Check out M.A.C's simple black liner look for Chelsea Thorpe at ANZFW last year:


Tip: great nude lips for this look can be created by applying your foundation over your lips and then adding liberal amounts of clear gloss.

Wham! Bamm! thank you ma'am lips!

Bright lippy has been a huge trend for a while now but is appearing in its most classic, chic form this season.

Wear your bright, MATTE lippy with totally flawless, slightly pale skin, nude eyes, just a hint of colour and a touch of highlighter on the cheeks.

• Hot colours – it seems the bright pinks, oranges and reds from summer are following us through to winter – but the biggest trend is dark, rich berry colours and juicy plum shades – as seen by M.A.C (below) at Trelise Cooper ANZFW last year:

If you wear a lot of black as the weather gets colder then statement lips are a must.


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