The Hello Cup teams up with Talk Peach to raise awareness about gynaecological cancer

Hello Cup x Talk Peach

Talk Peach have launched a campaign with The Hello Cup for Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month. Image supplied

Did you know – more New Zealanders die from gynaecological cancers in Aotearoa each year than they do on our roads?! Talk Peach and The Hello Cup want to change that disturbing statistic and have launched a new campaign.

“We hear a bit about cervical cancer – yet there’s a worrying lack of awareness that there are four other gynaecological cancers – Ovarian, Uterine, Vaginal, and Vulval,” says founder of gynaecological charity Talk Peach, Tash Crosby.

Diagnosed in 2016 with ovarian cancer at age 36, Crosby is one of only 15% of people caught at an early stage. Eighty-five percent of those diagnosed are caught in the later stages of the disease when treatment options are limited, and rates of survival are extremely poor. Out of the 1,000 New Zealanders diagnosed per year with a gynaecological cancer, a third of them will have ovarian cancer – the deadliest type – with an average five-year survival rate of around 37%, a rate less than half of both breast and prostate cancer.

So, to support Gynaecological Awareness Month, New Zealand menstrual cup company, The Hello Cup, have come on board as Talk Peach’s charity partner to launch a limited-edition Hello Talk Peach menstrual cup range.

“We admire the work Tash does so much and want to support her amazing Mahi,” says Hello Cup co-founder and Registered Nurse, Mary Bond. “One New Zealander dies every 24 hours from a gynaecological cancer, yet the awareness is frighteningly low. By partnering with Talk Peach we hope to play a part in changing that.”

Ten percent of every sale of the Hello Talk Peach cup will go directly to support the work Talk Peach do. Hello Cup customers also have the option of making a direct donation to Talk Peach from the Hello Cup website.

Crosby says education is key to reducing the horrific statistics. “More Kiwis die from gynaecological cancers than on our road or from melanoma each year and for too long these cancers have been unpublicised and overlooked. There are no screening options to detect 4 out of the 5 gynaecological cancers so it is imperative people know the signs.”

“I started Talk Peach to educate people on the early and often subtle signs of gynaecological cancers, and to empower them to advocate for their health. We’re here to advocate for better funding into education and awareness, research, clinical trials, access to medications, and better pathways to diagnostic testing. We’re also here to help those who have been diagnosed, to ask the right questions, and advocate for themselves if they aren’t being listened to.”

Here is how you can help
– To start a conversation, share a selfie on Instagram calling out one of the five gynaecological cancers: Cervical, Ovarian, Uterine, Vaginal, and Vulval. Tag @talk_peach and @thehellocup and use one of the cute Hello Peach stickers (found in the giphy library) Don’t forget the hashtag #TALKEDUCATESAVELIVES

– You can also purchase one of Hello Cups limited edition peach menstrual cups. They are available in three sizes: XS, SM and L Made from Hypoallergenic, Medical-Grade TPE. They hold 3x more than a tampon, they are reusable for years, equal to over 2,000 single-use period products. Designed by a Registered Nurse and made with love in New Zealand. RRP: $49.95 (Single cup) | $69.95 (Double Box).

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