Has your makeup expired?

Article by Gracie Stewart

Just like food, makeup has an expiry date and if you’re anything like me you’re bound to still be harbouring that far-too-orange foundation from your sixth form ball. Check out the dates below and find out if it’s time to toss your makeup stash.

These expiration dates begin from the time you first open a product:

• Powders and shadows: two years

• Cream shadows: 12-18 months

• Foundation: one year

• Lipstick and lip-liner: one year

• Mascara and eyeliners: three months

• Makeup brushes: clean weekly using a brush cleaner or mild detergent

• Makeup sponges: replace weekly if not more often

Some tips to keep your makeup fresh and your skin clean and healthy:

• Don’t put any eye products directly onto the eye if you have an eye infection – use a disposable applicator.

• If there is a change in colour, texture or the product has separated you need to throw it out

• Smell your makeup – if it has an unusual smell it could be harbouring nasty bugs

• Be sure to do products up tightly when you are finished and store them out of the sun

• If you have to sample a product in-store always be sure to use a clean disposable applicator like a cotton bud.

• If you see any black spots or fuzzy growth it’s time for the bin

• Don’t add water to products as this can dilute the preservative system which may allow bugs to grow.


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