Harris Tapper launch pre-orders for new Resort collection

Harris Tapper Resort

Looks from Harris Tapper’s Resort 2020 collection. Images supplied.

Harris Tapper‘s elegant new Resort 2020 collection launched online today with the garments available via pre-order for two weeks only. Customers are able to pre-purchase their favourite pieces before the collection is produced paying 50% up front and the rest when their order arrives in stock.

It’s a smart move by Harris Tapper and means the brand will be able to do informed forecasting and buying for their online store. It also means more efficient production as the brand will only be making pieces with a proven sales track record that are ordered by their customers and wholesale accounts. That means there’s much less likeliness of overproduction and surplus stock at the end of the season.

Harris Tapper Co-founder Sarah Harris Gould, who is also a former buyer says, “Previously we based our own orders off feedback from wholesale partners, producing items that had performed during trade sales weeks. Offering a pre-order of the next collection to the public before it’s made gives us greater visibility on what our Harris Tapper online customers want. With the data we are able get a read on products that are performing well before investing in an order for our online store upfront. This will hopefully eliminate the guesswork involved in making a collection, meaning we are also able to produce more responsibly and deepen the relationship with our Harris Tapper community.”

For Harris Tapper’s customers, it democratises the relationship between clothing production and purchasing, a perspective previously exclusive to a fashion buyer and brand. Knowing you’re able to get exactly what you’re wanting by having pre-ordered it means the customer won’t miss out on their must-have piece either. It also means that shopping can become a more conscious act, enabling the consumer to improve their buying behaviour by making more careful, committed decisions, and actively participating in the production of clothing.

To pre-order Harris Tapper’s Resort collection head to their website, the collection will be released in Spring 2020.

Harris Tapper Resort

Images supplied.

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