Harman Grubiša collaborate with Westpac on modern work wardrobe

Harman Grubisa Westpac bank uniform

Westpac NZ CEO David McLean (centre) with designers Jessica Grubiša (left) and Madeleine Harman (right). Image supplied.

Harman Grubiša have taken their talent for beautiful suiting to the corporate world with a collaboration with Westpac New Zealand. The elevated range of accessories and clothing designed by Jessica Grubiša and Madeleine Harman was unveiled this week, with over 30 items designed to be customised to each employee’s style. The wardrobe created by the designers reflects the diversity of Westpac’s staff and customers and offers lots of stylish options for each employee to enjoy wearing at work.

“We want our branches to feel friendly and welcoming for all New Zealanders, and that means helping staff feel comfortable and empowered in their fashion choices,” says Westpac NZ General Manager of Operations, Leanne Lazarus. “This is not a uniform – it’s a wardrobe that allows our people to mix and match items to showcase their own individual tastes. It includes cultural items, such as a hijab.”

“We’ve been helping New Zealanders for nearly 160 years, so it’s great to have a style that reflects our rich Kiwi heritage. We’re always looking for ways to better connect with our customers and we hope they’ll enjoy the new look as much as we do.”

For the designers it was a chance to tackle a complex and highly visible project while drawing inspiration from New Zealand’s varied landscape. Two unique prints were developed by Madeleine Harman and Jessica Grubiša for Westpac’s new wardrobe. Including a beautiful floral Mānuka print and a chic Prince of Wales check, which the designers have dubbed the “Prince of Westpac”.

“As the range is unique and specific to Westpac, it was important the design was born of local inspiration,” adds Madeleine Harman. “We introduced the Mānuka motif, a native flower, to symbolise a journey from budding to full bloom. It’s in sync with the bank’s commitment to financial growth for families or new business ventures.”

While designing the wardrobe for Westpac’s employees a key consideration in developing was ensuring it would work for everyone. That’s a big job requiring a lot of thought and discussion but one the designers committed to doing properly to ensure everyone was happy with the results and felt included.

“We didn’t want to leave anyone out. It was really important to develop a range of items that would be comfortable, functional and look great on all employees,” adds Jessica Grubiša.

Together with corporate manufacturers Booker Spalding and in consultation with Westpac’s employees, Harman Grubiša designed hard-wearing pieces that are durable and comfortable, not to mention stylish. The result is a modern wardrobe of workwear which has Westpac putting their best foot forward every day.

Harman Grubisa Westpac bank uniform

Harman Grubisa Westpac bank uniform

Harman Grubisa Westpac bank uniform

Images supplied.

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