Happy Birthday Kagi!

Back in 2006, Kat set up in her home office, with only a desire to create beautifully unique jewellery using real pearls and gemstones, something new and different to anything else on the market. “When we first started I didn’t know anything about running a business, all I had was a dream and sheer determination to make it happen,” she says. “But I remember roping a friend into our first Fashion Week stand, and from the first day we were an instant success,” she says. “Starting Kagi was a whirlwind of excitement, stress and a serious lack of sleep!”

Kagi, has since moved from her home office to a stylish inner city loft and is surrounded by fabulous team of 6 who share her passion and determination to make Kagi an international success story. Kat credits her success to working within her passion, being up front and honest with all her business dealings, and calling upon the expertise of those around her. “I’m surrounded by a talented team and have some amazing mentors. We’re also lucky to have such loyal customers who share with us their jewellery loves and frustrations. Listening to our market and creating a product that they would wear and buy is crucial and has fuelled our innovative approach.”

Kat’s stunning and unique designs are all cleverly crafted with interchangeable qualities athat allow women to be creative with their jewellery. Kat’s success comes down to her determination to always remain true to her design philosophy of “creating gorgeous, quality jewellery that makes any woman who wears it feel special.”

Fast becoming a household name, the future is bright for both Kat and her Kagi brand. Having just been signed by Nationwide, Australasia’s number 1 buying group with over 150 Australian stores, Kat’s dream of international success for Kagi is also fast becoming a reality.

Congratulations Kat and here’s to many years of success to come!

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