Happy Birthday Baby-G



This year, Baby-G celebrates 20 years and marks the special anniversary by taking a trip back in time, with a renaissance of the classic Casio Baby-G. The retro-inspired BGD500 series will flashback to the touchstones of ‘90s style while still toasting modern, millennial tastes.

Launched in 1994 as the sister brand to G-SHOCK, the original model inherited the shock resistance and toughness of the G-SHOCK, but in a smaller case to fit women. The use of pop colouring expressed the design concept of "Tough & Cute” with the brand gaining popularity, especially among young ladies in their late teens.

From there BABY-G blazed a trail for digital watches to become a part of women's fashion. Since then, the line-up has been expanded with continually advancing features and designs.


The Baby-G 20th Anniversary product hits shelves this month

The 20th Anniversary BGD500 series is based on the original styling of the DW-520, the first ever BABY-G watch. It features a simple square form that symbolizes the watch’s toughness, a protector that gives an impression of its shock resistance, and a cute roundish “G” logo. The new watch is also water-resistant up to 200 metres.

Completing the special release the packaging is printed with “20th Anniversary” and two stars befitting the milestone of the BABY-G brand.

The range also features the BGD501-2, a watch that will sweeten any arm party with a cotton-candy-coloured light blue band sporting pink accents.

Baby-G will also celebrate the milestone with a release on the BA110/111/112 models – a collection of styles based on the hugely popular G-Shock GA110 models.

The Baby-G 20th Anniversary product hits shelves this month. Visit Baby-G.monacocorp.co.nz for more info


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