Hairspray how-to’s with Moroccanoil

Miss Charlotte Cake’s hair do with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray in Extra Strong Hold.

Hairspray – probably the world’s quickest way of contributing to global warming… and I’m not talking about the musical! I’m talking about that magical, misty product that we lovingly spray onto our carefully placed locks, or scrunch into our beachy waves, or smooth onto that pompadour.  Hairspray is that lifeline to ensure the disastrous effects of the elements don’t ruin our do’s.

I was lucky enough to trial the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray in three different strengths; medium, strong and my personal favourite super strong (you do’ isn’t moving till 2017 with this powerhouse of a spray).
These products smell delish; gives the hair tons of volume; isn’t sticky, it’s quite easy to brush out when ready to let your hair down and doesn’t leave that flaky look in my inky black hair (which I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having to wash out before with another product). Do you know what I also LOVE about it? The spray nozzle at the top is so super fine; it’s like a gentle mist of scrumptious hair setting perfume. Humidity, windy weather, rain…. sound familiar?! Of course it does because that’s Auckland, New Zealand in a nutshell, but I have found that my flyaway hair and never-ending baby hair fluff which is the bane of my life, DOES stay flatter since I’ve been trialling this stuff.
Another note to mention, this has antioxidant-rich argan oil in it to help care for hair as well as give it some shine. If I’m going to be spraying a product on my hair often then it’s important for that product to have some health benefits for the actual hair.
I think for every day wear it could end up being quite expensive, especially with how hairspray-happy I am, I can spray my hair till the cows come home. I think my usual cheap brand, plus a can of this for events and when I want my hair to smell particularly nice will definitely be my new go-to. Having something a little more luxurious and special to set my hair with for occasions is quite nice (it’s the small things in life!). While it may be more expensive than my usual go-to, it’s worth the price.
I particularly like brushing out my sets into a longer page-boy style. This spray is SO good at keeping my hair all together in one rounded form so it moves as a unit, rather than as individual little curls. I’ve also sprayed teeny amounts of individual sections when I’ve wet-set pin curled and I love the hold and bounce my hair has after the brush out.
Miss Charlotte Cake’s hair do with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray in Medium Hold.
Medium Hold (above image)
For this medium hold spray I chose a really simple hairstyle that I like to have on my days off work, or when my hair is right at the end of a set and needs to be washed! I like to smooth my hair back off my face and brush it back into 3 sections. Then I bobby pin into place and lightly spray the hair. It’s a quick and easy style for when I’m in a rush and it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. Quick, easy, simple and because it’s a medium hold – my hair can still ‘move around’.
Strong Hold (below image)
The bumper bang that I chose for this look requires a little extra hold so the strong hold spray is perfect for keeping it in check. I backcomb the front section and then lightly spray. Then I start smoothing the hair forward and rolling under making sure the top stays nice and smooth. Use a bobby pin or two to secure it in place and then start shaping the bumper bang into a shape that you like. I fasten the rest of my hair into a simple pony tail and I’m ready to go. I love that this spray gives my front roll a lovely sheen.
Miss Charlotte Cake’s hair do with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray in Strong Hold.
Extra Strong Hold (top image)
The heavy duty spray! And absolutely perfect for keeping more fiddly styles like a 50’s poodle in place. Once my hair is bobby pinned into place, I like to take inch long sections and place them in pin curls along certain areas of my head. Spraying generously as I go along. I do not want this style to budge or have flyaways if I can help it, especially with the wind/rain/humidity we experience here in Auckland. I also like to finish this style off by setting the hairspray with a hot burst of air from my hair dryer (on the lowest speed).
‘Hold + shine + smell’ is my hairspray motto and this one ticks all the right boxes. Treat yourself and grab a bottle of this to test out next time you run out of hairspray!
Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray RRP $45.00 – 330ml.
Charlotte also writes over at Miss Charlotte Cake.

Hairspray courtesy of Moroccanoil.

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