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Dear Petra,

I want to know what colour hair you think I should have. I have medium to fair coloured skin and blue eyes. I had bleach blonde hair for years and then decided to go dark – really dark. The re-growth that came through when I was blonde looked really dark, but now that I have dark brown hair my re-growth comes through very light and makes me look like I am balding!

I love having dark hair because it brings out my eyes and makes my face stand out, but I just can't handle the light re-growth any longer.

Medium brown does not suit my complexion and any colour that looks red is just not for me. I'm also not fond of having a stripy looking head butI don't mind highlights. I would really like to be blonde again but I am really fussy about the shade. In terms of makeup, I suit blue and silver tones and I wear mainly black, white, and anything in-between.

Please help me – what colour could you recommend?


Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for your inquiry – as you know, I LOVE colour and the information you provided is enough to supply the following recommendations;

I feel that with the level of depth you have gone to, it would only be disastrous to go back blond – you would damage the hair beyond help.

I understand that with your pale skin and eyes that now your re-growth is coming through too light, so perhaps you could try a double technique.

Ask your local Rodney Wayne salon to apply a 5 level cool brown colour for you, I recommend L'Oreal Professionnel MAJIREL 5.12, and then have a ½ head foils of a 3 base brown (Cocoa). This way, you can have your deep brown but without the intense re-growth.

I hope these ideas help, I agree the dark would really off set your eyes – be unique and stand out! Best of luck Stephanie


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FashioNZ hair guru - Petra Rijnbeek - Rodney Wayne

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